5 Trends in Engagement Rings for 2020-2021

designs for engagement rings

Engagement rings are one of the most important and popular jewels many people will own or consider in their lifetimes. They represent the most glorious phase in two peoples’ lives: the courtship and romance of new love. New trends in gemstones and band designs have changed in recent years and, as a result, there has been considerable innovative growth in designs for engagement rings.

Here are a few of the most popular trends in engagement ring jeweling for 2020 and beyond:

Heirloom-quality alternative stones 

More and more people are opting for non-diamond alternatives for their engagement rings. The options range from oval cut rings to emerald cut rings and these can be both vintage or modern. Rose gold engagement rings are also popular, with some bands considered to be the world’s only heirloom-quality non-diamond alternative stones. 

Rose-cut engagement rings date back to the 1500s and contain a flat base and dome top, which gives them a larger feel. What they lack in shininess, as compared to traditional diamonds, they gain in stature from looking bulkier than their carat weight.

Blue engagement rings

Blue gemstones are increasingly popular as an alternative to pink and yellow engagement rings. The options range from aqua to royal blue gemstones, Blue Nile Oval sapphire/diamond double halo rings, light blue sapphire rings, Tsarina sky blue flake rings, Asteroid sapphire rings, and aquamarine and Mermaid tourmaline rings. 

Blue as a trend in gemstone colors has grown considerably in popularity in recent years and is considered one of the hottest fads in engagement rings for 2020 and 2021.

Sapphire Center Stone

Because of their beauty and strength, sapphire engagement rings – which score a 9 on the Mohs scale (a gauge of mineral hardness) – have become another popular alternative to diamonds. Available in many colors, like orange, green, pink, and blue, sapphire engagement rings were put on the map most recently by celebrities Kate Middleton and Elizabeth Hurley, who brandished the rings during their respective courtships. Middleton’s 12ct gemstone is the same worn by Princess Diana. 

Three Stone Settings

There are many different innovative designs for engagement rings, but one of the more interesting trends is three stone settings – sometimes called trinity or trilogy rings. Theoretically, these rings are supposed to represent the past, present, and future of a person or relationship. Typically, a three stone setting utilizes a large middle gemstone and two smaller stones that range from large oval diamonds to a princess center stone or supplemental ruby stones.

Statement wedding bands

Some jewelers say that standalone, unisex bands are gaining in popularity, with many people intrigued by the idea of wearing their engagement rings and wedding bands on different fingers or hands or even wearing them on different days. These bands include diamond-studded, ‘maximalist’ cigar bands, luxe signet rings, and sparkly eternity bands.

Pave Band and Halo Settings

Pave bands are growing in popularity; they feature multiple, small diamonds grouped together on the band. Halos also feature several small diamonds that are strategically grouped to highlight a larger center gemstone. Held together by beads or prongs, the smaller diamonds tend to accentuate the center stone and make it look larger and more glamorous. 

There are also double halos that feature two rows of smaller diamonds. Pave and halo band settings have been popular for many years now and so there are many jewelers to choose from when you’re ready to buy.

There are countless varieties of designs for engagement rings with designs varying by gemstone, band, cut, hardness, and multiple other factors. Because they are highly personal decisions, choosing an engagement ring for a romantic partner can be stressful. But at the end of the day, getting that decision right is an important gesture in a lifelong relationship.

Recent trends in engagement rings vary by country and demographic, but there are enough options out there to make it possible for everyone to find the perfect ring.


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