Carus Jewellery

Carus Jewellery

Hello there, Elaine here from I am delighted to be introducing you to the Wonderful World of Antique and Vintage Jewellery. I would like to give you an insight into our work and into the store. We started building the website in 2015, It was the start of a great adventure. We had a lifelong love and interest in Antique Jewellery and we took the decision to develop that into our work life, even though when I am working on Carus it feels like I am working on a hobbie, which I love and I don’t feel like its work at all. It has been a immense fun, and we have had to expand and develop our talents in order to fulfil the needs of the business.

Each piece we source has been expertly curated and researched to identify its provenance. Then it has to go through rigorous product photography to ensure that it is true to its representation. Placed on the website, with all the relevant product information.This has to be uploaded individually for each product as no two products are the same. We write a blog which is part of the website in order to provide information for our customers.

We have a wide range of Jewellery on the website, from the different periods of time. Each style is a product of its time. Georgian Jewellery 1714- 1837, Jewellery from this period is rare as it is sought after by collectors and a lot of Jewellery was so prized that is was re-modeled.  Victorian Jewellery 1837-1901, which due to her long reign is split into 3 periods and is highly diverse in style. Edwardian period is short in comparison, 1901-1915. Influenced by the Art Nouveau style of the same period, but more classical than Art Nouveau. Art Deco, 1920-1935, was designed around geometric style and links to Egyptian motifs, Cubism and Abstract design. We get excited by the individual pieces of Jewellery that we source, and love to pass them over to our customers. Every piece of Jewellery is different, and the wonderful thing about our business is that every piece of Jewellery has its own beauty and as many different styles and tastes that there are, there are customers out there for them.

We are highly motivated to provide a wraparound service for our customers, in order to do this we have developed, a people centred approach to our business. If we look after our products, our customers and our service, then our business will be a success. “Probably the best little Jewellery shop in the world”. This is our Philosophy, its not exactly complex, but we are committed to providing the best service to our customers possible.

We are very proud of the Sustainable nature of our business, It is the very epitome of a low carbon footprint business. . Our Products are sourced from a stock of existing products and we are recycling, as was done previously done through the generations.  Sustainable future is important to everybody and only going to become more so in all our futures.

The website is user friendly, we are the e-commerce equivalent of a family shop. We are improving it constantly. Striving to make it easier to you and provide the products that you, our customers want and like.


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