Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Eyelash extensions aftercare are an alternative way of replacing mascara and false lashes. This technique let you wear your extensions during 6-8 weeks and enjoy your lashes without everyday applying of false lashes. You can choose different types of length, curl, thickness, fullness of natural lashes. Usually there are 3 types of lash extensions: Mink, Faux Mink and Synthetic Silk.

How to use it?

You should apply Eyelash extensions to your natural lashes using a specific adhesive. There are as well different types of eyelash extension glue, you have to choose carefully because the quality is important, so they don’t harm your natural lashes and fall out just after a full cycle of wearing. Also, it is worth to mention that bad glue might sometimes get into the eyes, and with each rinsing with water, the glue will come out of the lacrimal glands, which causes great discomfort.

There are two main categories of volume extension glues:

  1. Adhesives for handmade volume lashes
  2. Adhesives for pre-made volume lashes

For first one, you need to use a fast-drying glue, the one that has a high consistency of viscosity.

For second one, also use fast-drying glue, except for the consistency of viscosity should be low. The reason is that the adhesion parts of pre-made volume lashes are wide.

Your lashes will stay healthy and strong if you choose qualified lash technician, who can also advise you right curl, length of lashes based on your natural ones. Also, very important that you technician explains you the follow ups aftercare recommendations.  Anyway, they should put their client’s health a priority.

How to understand that the lash artist made something wrong or the quality of materials are bad? Usually you can feel it right after the procedure or after a day of wearing your lashes. You may feel some pulling, pinching, and discomfort, sometimes some redness around and inside the eyes.

Don’t forget to clean your lashes after wearing the make-up, just avoid any disturbing and water rinsing to your lashes in 24-hours after the procedure. Use oil-free cleansers and products when you do your lash carrying. 

Also, by choosing makeup, choose oil-free products. Oils break down your lash adhesive. You can also skip using mascara as far as it adds extra weight to your natural lashes. If you still have decided to use one, choose a waterproof brand. Use mascara brush to make them look even more nicer.

If you as a client already know the style of your lashes, you can decide together with you technician if you do more natural or dolled up look.  To determine this, you will choose between a doll eye, cat eye, or kitten eye.

To finalize what we were talking above here comes the rules you might follow to protect your investment in your beauty and to gain longest wear of you lash extensions. 

  • Use water-based cosmetics. 
  • Avoid waterproof mascara. 
  • Avoid glycol or oil-based cosmetics, mascaras, creams or makeup removers which can interfere with adhesive. 
  • Minimize use of mascara, and if desired use only on lower lashes or lash tips. 
  • Be gentle. Avoid rubbing your eyes, tugging or scrubbing eye area. 
  • Use a cotton swab to carefully remove eye makeup. 
  • “Pat” eye area dry after showering or cleansing. Do not rub. 

One of the important things, try to make a schedule of your lash extension procedures. Fill them in every 4-6 weeks, to have a full cycle.

Take care of your lashes and stay beautiful! 


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