Sophisticated and Stylish Stoner Decor

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Stoners don’t have a reputation for being the cleanest and most tasteful group of people. Though they might be effortlessly cool and undeniably relaxed, stoners don’t always have a sense of style — especially when it comes to their interior space. Often, cannabis enthusiasts are much more concerned with the quality of their accoutrements than the look or feel they lend to interior design.

Fortunately, stoners don’t have to be resigned to regrettable décor. Here are a few beautiful, functional and fantastic cannabis tools that make a space look sophisticated and stylish.

Laundry Day Glass Ashtray

In the great age of tobacco, ashtrays were practical pieces of art; almost every surface in most homes was adorned with a unique ashtray of particular style, used to keep cigarette trimmings contained. Stoners constantly struggling to clean up after joints, blunts and other combusted inhalables should look to the innovation of the ashtray — and Laundry Day’s glass ashtray is a great place to start. Soft, round and certainly in style, these multicolor bowls make for a chic place to ash and easy cleanup after a smoke session.

Minimalist Art Prints

Plenty of stoners appreciate the cultural imagery of cannabis — the artful swirls of smoke, the bohemian shape of pot leaves, the casual beauty of a high person who is utterly content. Yet, for too long, stoner wall art has consisted mainly of black light posters and old vinyl covers. Instead, the style-oriented might consider investing in some beautiful art prints that highlight the stoner lifestyle. An excellent example is Vanessa Lilak’s Lounge Girl, but there are plenty of artists in cannabis culture worth supporting.

Edie Parker Table Lighter

One of the worst experiences for any stoner is finally sitting down to a much-needed smoke session and realizing that there isn’t a single working lighter in the house. The best solution is to keep a dedicated lighter on the table — and Edie Parker’s stylish table lighter is the right product for the job. Available in four vibrant colors and conveniently combined with an ashtray underneath, this product is elegant, functional and definitely worth a splurge.

Tetra Elbow Pipe

Accessories brand Tetra easily as some of the most intriguing pipes in the entire cannabis market, but Tetra’s elbow pipe is one of the most exciting and iconic to date. Delicately sized to fit comfortably in any hand, the pipe boasts soft curves that disguise the piece as a small, glass work of art. In fact, no one would blame any stoner for buying a couple elbow pipes to have around the house, merely as stunning decorative items for shelves and the like.

Purr Glass Filter Tips

Not every stoner uses filters on their joints — but every stoner should. Filters create space between the burning tip of cannabis and catch large chunks of combusted material, making for a smoother toke. The one downside is rolling a filter into a joint can be a pain, as can buying new packs of filters at every visit to a Washington dispensary. Fortunately, there is a solution: Purr’s glass filters. These filter tips are reusable, and they are undeniably aesthetic, as well. Stoners might keep a few in a dish next to their table lighter, for easy access any time of day.

Serra Pillar Grinder

Most stoners buy a cheap, one-chamber grinder when they first start smoking flower, but eventually, it pays to upgrade — especially if one can find a grinder that looks as beautiful as the fine grind it creates. The Serra Pillar Grinder is an excellent option. Surrounding a lightweight dual-chamber aluminum grinder are curves of solid beechwood, which will slowly gain a patina that increases the splendor of the piece as it ages. With deep storage for extra bud, this grinder can sit in a place of prominence, ready for use without announcing itself as a stoner tool.

The World’s Smallest Vacuum

Cleanliness is next to stylishness — is that how the saying goes? No stoner’s space will feel effortlessly aesthetic if it is covered in crumbs of bud, shreds of rolling papers, sprinklings of ash and other bits of waste that accumulate during a smoke session. The World’s Smallest Vacuum is an efficient tool for sucking up any stray residue, and its diminutive size means it can be kept in any stash box alongside the rest of one’s weed accoutrements.


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