What to Expect From a Full Detailing Service

Detailing Service

A full detailing service involves the use of special tools in cleaning your vehicle to thoroughly remove road grime and dirt, both on the inside and outside. Apart from leaving you with a clean car, full car detailing helps maintain the vehicle, thus retaining high resale value. However, there is a challenge when looking for detailing service that covers all detailing aspects. We are here to educate you on things you can expect from a full detailing service the next time you go looking.

Interior Detailing

Every part of your car’s interior collects grime and dust. The detailer has to remove dust and grime from crevices and cracks that are hard to reach. Interior detailing involves cleaning the dashboard, door interiors, entertainment console, under the seats, and carpeting surfaces. The cleaning process is done using a steam cleaner or by shampooing. After cleaning, the surfaces are treated with a sealant to give them a high-gloss sheen.

Exterior Trim, Taillights, and Headlights

After giving headlights and taillights a thorough clean, a polishing compound should be applied if they have signs of oxidation. Afterwards, they should be sealed with a plastic sealant to protect them from further oxidation.

Any plastic or vinyl trim should be coated with a protectant to resist fading and cracking while chrome trim should also be cleaned. Some detailing services also polish exhaust tips when cleaning trim.

Paint Care

Your car paint is delicate. Credible car detailing services follow a three-step process when detailing; cleaning, correcting, and protecting the paint surface.

The cleaning step involves washing and drying the car to get rid of grime and dirt. The next step, correction, requires application of clay bar to remove contaminants found in the clear coat like metal particles, tar, industrial fallout, and dirt. Polishing is done to remove any fine scratches and swirl marks and then waxing is done to protect the paintwork and help it shine.

Wheels and Chassis

The chassis and undercarriage of your car are cleaned together with the exterior. It includes cleaning inside the wheel wells, under the car, and around suspension. The car detailer should dress inner fender liners and plastic splash guards with a plastic protectant during a full service car detailing. The tires and wheels should be thoroughly washed and later covered with a protectant to improve their lustre and prevent damage from cracking and corrosion.

Engine Bay

Cleaning the engine is an essential part of car detailing. A light misting with water should be applied on the engine bay, and an appropriate degreaser used to clean it before rinsing. After drying, dressing of all plastic, rubber and silicone components should be done to prevent cracking.

Restoration of Leather Seats and Surfaces

When detailing a car, special care should be taken when handling leather seats and surfaces. The detailer should use the right leather cleaning products as some are too caustic and can damage the leather. All leather surfaces should be cleaned and appropriately conditioned to retain its natural lustre and provide protection against water damage and stains.

Carpet Cleaning

Car carpets should first be vacuumed then shampooed and finally deodorised to restore them to their original state.

When your full car detailing is over, your car should look as good as new. Full car detailing is a great cleaning option for all car owners.


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