House Painting Trends for 2021

House Painting Trends

There is no secret that curb appeal is an integral factor that can affect home sales prices. Therefore, homeowners put a lot of thought and investment towards choosing the ideal house painting, especially for the home exterior. A new coat of paint is an economical way to transform the home and make its aesthetic stand out. After a tumultuous year in 2020, you might be looking ahead to 2021 already. And for trend-setters, they are looking into 2021 to predict the prevailing house painting trends to keep an eye on.

If you want to make a change to your home’s aesthetic appearance in the coming year, now is the best time to plan for that. These are the top house painting trends for 2021 as contributed by a panel of design experts with expert insights from Toronto house painters, Solid Painting. 

Trend 1: Natural/Neutral Palette

If you would like to bring the essence of nature into your home, then this is one of the house painting trends for 2021 that you should adopt. This palette is noted for its being rooted in nature. It serves to highlight the link between the natural world and your home as both of these spaces bring about a sense of wellness and calm.

According to experts, and especially while sheltering in place during the pandemic, a lot of people are turning to activities that brought them back to nature to maintain mental well-being. These activities included gardening, hiking, jogging, and camping. The soothing natural palette can reflect that into your home. There are various color options within this palette that can bring about that sense of wellness and calm. A few of the notable examples include pure white, brown, beige, bronze, gray, and moss green. 

When you incorporate this palette into your new house paint for 2021, you can take cues from various design influences such as Scandinavian, warm minimalism, and nesting trends.  

Trend 2: Maximalist Palette

On the other end of the spectrum is another prevailing house painting trend to watch out for in 2021 – maximalist. This is the ideal choice of house paint for modern homeowners that wanted their choice of palette to reflect their exuberant spirit. At the same time, there is a certain level of restraint that goes with these color options so they are still refined while being bold.

This vibrant palette might be cutting edge but they still take their cues from classical choices – only with a modern twist. This is a great choice for anyone who loves color and wants to inject it into their homes. It is a great showcase of creative expression; after all, it takes a lot of eye for creativity in order to choose vibrant hues that complement each other for an artistic fusion. 

For this particular palette, you have quite a few options including periwinkle, lavish pinks, bold yellows, and exuberant blues.  If you choose any of these colors, it is guaranteed to add a ton of personality to the walls in your home

Trend 3: Mid-Century Modernist Palette

In this modern age, digital technology has taken over most people’s day to day lives. The reliance on technology is evident not just in the devices that you use on a daily basis, but also in the color choices for home exterior. One of the top house painting trends for 2021 is the mid-century modernist palette. This palette is inspired by the link between technology and smart living for the future. Indeed, technology extends far beyond bringing convenience into your daily life but is also reflected in the design ideas of modern homeowners.

The mid-century modernist palette is inspired by the optimism and imagination of a technology-driven world. With more people now working from home, it comes as no surprise why this trend is expected to be big. It celebrates the boundless future that is ahead, thanks to modern technology.

If you are looking to choose this house painting trend when you repaint your home in 2021, you have quite a few options. Among them are white, charcoal, deep blue, sky blue, lilac, and lime. 

Trend 4: Earthy Palette

If you’re an old soul, this house painting trend is for you. The color choices within this palette is all about celebrating heirlooms and stories that make a home what it is. The color palette is inspired by the artisan craft and cultural artifacts that make a space unique and authentic. 

A common characteristic of the colors available in this palette is that they come in rich but muted tones. They are also simple colors that convey quality and deep heritage. Some of the top color options available for this palette are tan, navy blue, alabaster, coconut, Aztec gold, pastel green, and more. 


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