10 Common Immigration Application Mistakes


After going through the troubles of applying for a visa, it can be very devastating to have your application rejected. The fact is, a large number of applicants get a rejection every year because of mistakes that could have been avoided. 

We have taken the time to highlight the most common of these mistakes and how you can avoid them during your application process.  

Failure to Provide the Information Required on the Application Form

According to visa agents in several immigration offices, this is one very common mistake applicants make yearly.  When filling out your application form, do not withhold any details whenever you encounter a field that requires specific information.  

Where a field is not relevant for you, it should not be left blank. Rather you should fill it with “n/a” which tells the immigration office all they need to know about the relevance of that field to you.

This means you should never skip a field just because you do not want to provide the details. Remember to check your application form multiple times to ensure you have not left any details out once you’ve finished filling the form. Also, check if all the details entered are correct as false information leads to rejection. 

Not Providing Sufficient Information

The success of your application is greatly hinged on how well you are able to convince the immigration official that you are good for the visa. You have to convince the official that your application is genuine and honest. Hence you have to provide sufficient information; the more evidence you provide, the more likely the immigration official will be satisfied that your application is genuine.

Inability to Prove You Can Support Yourself Financially 

Whether the reason for your application is for a study visa, to upgrade from work to residence visa, or to visit, one thing all applicants have to show is the ability to sustain themselves and dependents financially during their stay. This is regardless of whether or not your dependents will be joining you or not.

Not Sending Proof of Payments

If you manage to provide all of the information needed on the application and send it in without proof of payment, your request will be sent back to you. This, in turn, will cause you to resend your forms creating delay and added expenses. So don’t forget to add your payment receipt to your application. 

Failure to Provide a Cover Letter

While never fatal to an immigration application, failure to provide a cover letter may lead to delays in processing. The why and main reasons for your application are contained in your cover letter, which makes it easier for the visa officer to review the application which leads to faster processing.

Never submit an immigration application without a detailed cover letter asserting your right to immigrate under the current law and policy of the country you intend to go to.

Providing Wrong Details About Yourself

When filling out your immigration forms it is essential to be as honest as possible as it is easy for the immigration department to spot false information. 

If you file an application that has been rejected in the past, a copy will be kept for future reference at the immigration office. If you apply again, and if the information contained in your new application varies from the previous one, you may be given another rejection. 

Applying to the Wrong Centre for Processing

This happens quite often, and can cause the return of your application. The immigration officer doesn’t forward these applications or send them to the right place. So make sure you submit your application form, to the correct location.


The fastest way to create problems or have a denied application is to make mistakes. Be very careful when filling out forms – don’t rush, and be sure to check all of your information before sending off the application. Many forms ask more than once for the same information so be prepared for that.

Make sure all spelling is correct, your documents are standardized to avoid inconsistencies that may get you rejected. 

Filling the Wrong Forms

When it comes to immigration, there are several different possible paths and each of them has its own set of applications and forms. Make sure you’ve got the right ones and don’t spend hours completing useless forms. Perhaps more importantly , make sure you are eligible in advance for the type of immigration you are applying for. For instance, it may be a total waste of resources applying for work to residence visa when what you are eligible for is study visa

Submit your Immigration Form

According to immigration authorities, when applying for an immigration programme, you must keep a minimum of six months on your passport. However, it’s always best to ensure you have more time on your passport should your application experience delay.


There you have it! These are some of the most frequent mistakes that can make your application unsuccessful. Know them, and try to avoid them.





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