Let’s Start a Band! 7 of the Best Instruments to Learn

Best Instruments to Learn

Many people are intimidated by the idea of picking an instrument. They get discouraged about the learning curve and never meet their dreams of being a musician. While learning to play an instrument can be challenging, it’s also one of the most fulfilling things in life!

The truth is that you don’t have to kick yourself for not keeping up with a musical instrument. Whether it’s you or your children, this list covers 7 of the best instruments to learn.


The guitar is a popular newbie-friendly musical instrument. When it comes to the guitar, there are many options to choose from. The good thing is that some are very affordable, making it an ideal choice if you’re starting.

You can start with an acoustic or electric guitar. While the electric guitar is a bit easier to play, the acoustic guitar is generally the more affordable option.

There’s a wide range of methods of learning how to play the guitar. You can take lessons, read books or even teach yourself by watching online videos.

Knowing how to play the guitar can be rewarding and your career as a guitar player can start with playing acoustic guitar for small gigs and writing songs. Guitars are very versatile for music careers.


The tambourine is a simple percussion instrument you can play along with someone playing a guitar or piano. Its one of the easiest instruments to learn actually.

Not much music theory is behind it─ only learning some rhythm and understanding when to engage and when not. You can produce several different sounds depending on whether you shake it or bang it. If you grew up in a traditional Baptist church then you’ll be able to grasp this concept pretty easily.

Tambourines are quite rudimentary in terms of construction. They have small bells attached on the side but their number varies. On top of that, they come in different styles─ some are metallic, some are wooden with animal skin and so forth.


The piano is often considered a critical tool that forms the basis of music. From melodious tunes and harmony to rhythmic and dynamic tunes, you can perform all elements on a piano. While you may need to learn two clefs at the same time (bass and treble), it surely adds to the theoretical understanding of music.

The good thing is that there are several free apps out there that offer piano tips and tricks, workouts and evaluations. You can also learn through videos on YouTube. This is especially true if you’re looking to learn the structure of keys and how to practice and relax your fingers.


You need a lot of practice to play this instrument with a considerable amount of elegance. No wonder many people consider the violin one of the hardest (yet most beautiful) instruments to learn.

One reason playing the violin can prove a challenge is that you need to rest your chin on it. This is often gotten wrong by many people and can prove a big learning curve for beginners. In addition to this, the strings are quite close to each other and you need a bow to play them.

Learning how to play using a bow is not always easy and typically requires great precision. Violins also have no markers so playing it will take patience and attention because you’ll need to learn without frets guiding you.


Keyboards (the electric pianos) are among the most popular instruments. Electronic keyboards are often used for recording and changing performance. They are incredibly versatile instruments that can create a wide range of sounds and require very little maintenance.

Keyboards are typically designed for non-professional home users and beginners. As with playing most musical instruments, playing the keyboard helps to improve your concentration. It also enhances your fine motor skills as well as your focus and memory skills.


Although drums can be large and loud, they are pleasurable to play and enhance coordination. They are cool instruments to learn, and probably the most fun for beginners.

Drums seem to have average difficulty learning level but this often depends on how deep and complicated you intend to go with your instrument. While starting on drums can be a little expensive, once you get a decent drum kit you won’t necessarily need to upgrade. The same cannot be said about a guitar, for example, which you’ll always be looking to upgrade to a better amp.

You can add extra drums, bring in cymbals, and other accessories as you grow but your starter kit will last you for long. If you’re an entertainer looking for a drum kit, make sure you know the tips for drummers on the road to improve your drumming performance.


If you’re looking for a fun little instrument that looks like a guitar then you should consider getting yourself the uke. The ukulele is one of the most affordable and best instruments to learn. This small instrument with strings is portable enough to carry around and also has a widely recognizable body that produces a hearty sound.

The classic ukulele has just four strings and fewer frets than a standard guitar. For this reason, there’s isn’t much to memorize. That means it could take you less than a couple of weeks to learn how to play ukulele along with some of your favorite songs.Once you get there, you’ll be able to play hundreds of ukulele chords.

It’s very beginner-friendly due to its small size. And since anybody can play it (size of hand and body strength doesn’t matter), you can get it for yourself or children.

What Are the Best Instruments to Learn?

Playing an instrument can be fun, rewarding, and opens several doors for your social and career lives. While you won’t become a virtuoso overnight, holding yourself back from playing an instrument is doing yourself a disservice. 

Do you feel like you’re missing out by not following your passion and becoming a musician? Some pros started late. Most importantly, they had to start somewhere.

So, start your musical journey today with one of the above listed best instruments to learn. We talk more about music and general hobbies on our site. Check out our blog for more articles.


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