Healthy Habits – 6 Simple Daily Habits That Will Protect Your Baby’s Health

your babys health

To care of your baby’s health, you need to adapt to some kind of routine in order to provide the stability they need. Though you have flexibility here, it’s worth centering your routine around these six daily habits that will ensure your baby’s health is as healthy and happy as possible. 

  1. Dental Health Practice: 

You’re probably already aware that letting your little one sleep with baby formula or breast milk still in their mouth can lead to gum problems. However, did you know that  good dental practices start before your baby has even been born? During pregnancy, a mom-to-be may encounter complications if she doesn’t practice good oral hygiene habits. 

Oral diseases during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight and other complications. As a mom, make sure to tend to your gums and your teeth thrice daily, flossing as often as possible, and visiting a dentist for regular dental check-ups. 

The most important aspect of establishing these good dental habits is that they will make you an excellent role model to your child. Your baby will grow up watching you care for your teeth and gums, and this will encourage them to do the same

2. Clear Out The Crib: 

To make sure that your baby sleeps through the night without suffocating, be sure to clear out the crib. Remove all soft bedding, teddy bears, and any unneeded blankets. This is a vital step to ensure the crib is safe and free from anything that could obstruct your baby’s ability to breathe freely. Another vital step is to always put your baby to sleep on their back. Scientists recommend this measure to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

3. Clean Surfaces And Secure Areas: 

One of your most important daily habits should be cleaning all surfaces that the baby might touch, especially if someone in the home has had a cold or flu. Once your baby is crawling, this habit becomes an even higher priority.  

Babies tend to put everything in their mouths, so it’s essential to clean the areas they like to explore thoroughly. Pick up small objects that could become choking hazards, and make sure you baby-proof your house. Lock cupboards and anything that baby could possibly pull open. 

4. Make Note of Everything: 

It’s important to make note of everything so you can know instantly if your baby is unwell. You should know more or less how many times your baby passes stool daily, and on each occasion, take note of the color of the stool. 

If your baby is pulling their legs up to their tummy, this may be indicative of cramping. From time to time, you may need to give your baby a probiotic to ensure the healthy functioning of their little body (with your doctor’s permission of course). 

5. Calendar Doctor Visits:

Keep track of everything so that you never miss a clinic or doctor’s visit. Frequently taking your baby for a check-up is a good way to keep them healthy. You can also take your baby for weight check-ups at the local pharmacy to make sure they’re never underweight.

6. Check Baby’s Nails Daily: 

Baby nails grow rapidly, so monitor the growth daily. You may need to clip your little one’s nails every third day and file them to prevent germs from collecting. This will also protect your child from accidental scratches

Bonus Tip:  Prepare fresh bottles when needed and never put a baby’s bottle in the microwave.

Follow these steps daily, and you’ll have an easy-to-follow routine that will protect your baby’s health (and your sanity).


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