Reasons to do ITIL 4 Course to Scale Up Career

Scale Up Career

Today, most of the successful organizations have adopted an environment based on services. And because the industry is constantly changing, it makes it difficult for companies to stay updated with this change. But there are ways to deal with this. ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a framework used for IT Service Management, commonly known as ITSM. It is a globally recognized framework whose best practices have been a popular business strategy for the public as well as private organizations.

ITIL Certification Path 

ITIL is among the most popular ITSM framework in the work used by small and large enterprises for managing IT services aligned with the business strategies of the organization. Many well-established companies like NASA, Disney, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, and others have been taking advantage of the benefits offered by ITIL. In today’s industry, ITIL knowledge is expected by several major companies across the world. The ITIL has the following four levels of certifications or qualifications: 

  • ITIL Foundation 
  • ITIL Intermediate – Service Capability stream and Service Lifecycle stream 
  • ITIL Expert level 
  • ITIL Master

So, it is clear that ITIL is a widely used set of best practices that helps companies implement IT initiatives for offering improved value in this complex market. This has increased the demand for professionals with the ITIL certifications. All the 4 qualification levels of the ITIL certification has their own benefits. Here are 7 reasons why you should do the ITIL 4 course for scaling up your career: 

1. Gain an improved perspective – The upper-level management often tries to drive new initiatives of ITSM in the organization. They are the ones responsible for finalizing the services that will be provided to the customers. When someone has an understanding of ITIL through the ITIL certifications, they are equipped to understand what drives these services. With the ITIL certification, you will have an improved perspective of the offered services and will know if they are aligned towards the business strategy or not. 

2. Become a master of the language of ITSM- Once you have a better understanding of the perspective of the reason behind the decisions made by the senior management, you will be able to communicate with them better and offer solutions towards important business services. This is also a significant reason that will set certified professionals apart from the uncertified ones. The ITIL 4 course will teach you how to communicate properly with your team and managers. This will save a lot of time. 

3. Increasing the effectiveness of the offered services- When the employees as well as the senior management understandthe importance of ITIL and all the benefits it offers, the services that the organization offers will also improve. This will, in turn, increase your value in the company as well as the value of the organization. ITIL will provide a strong foundation for every ITSM initiative taken by your company. Apart from this, it will also offer IT solutions to help you keep up the pace with the new technologies. It will provide reliable services to simplify this complicated process. 

4. Establishing robust processes- Large corporations are not the only ones enjoying the benefits of ITIL. Even small startups can implement this framework for deriving maximum possible value from the offered services. Many successful organizations such as Disney, NASA, HP, IRS, IBM, Bank of America, US Army, British Airways, Microsoft, and others have implemented the framework and have created robust processes. Through these processes, they can finetune their operations for providing maximum value, reducing costs and achieving better ROI. 

5. Higher salary package- ITIL certified professionals are highly valued and in-demand currently around the world. The ITIL certification will help in facilitating your journey towards a higher paying job role. As per the PayScale, the average salary of ITIL-certified professionals varies significantly from the non-certified professionals. They can easily earn salaries between $85,000 and $130,000. The statistics depicts the same, from around the globe where professionals with the ITIL certification are paid higher and have better positions than the IT professionals without the ITIL certification. 

6. Stand apart from the rest- Many companies are starting to implement ITIL. The certification scheme of the ITIL gives the candidates an edge all over the globe. In fact, certified professionals can have their choice of job roles in their choice of industry. They don’t have to waste their time on titles that don’t fit their profiles. When your CV has ITIL credentials, you can stand apart from their uncertified counterparts.  

7. It is used all around the world- ITIL framework is among the most used methodologies across the globe. Senior management knows the benefits of hiring ITIL certified professionals who understand how to bind IT processes for providing better services catering to the needs of the next-generation business. In fact, professionals with ITIL certification have a multitude of opportunities regardless of their location and job roles. You can select the next organization you work for by checking if they use the ITIL framework or not. More than 10,000 organizations in the world are currently using the ITIL framework. 

ITIL is a common approach used for IT Service Management in several major organizations. Through this framework, businesses can ensure that their IT services are aligned with the goals of the business. This best practice method from AXELOS was formed after considering the experiences and opinions of a community of IT professionals and the UK government. ITIL manages every aspect of IT service delivery including development, deployment, improvement, and replacement. It ensures that IT is delivering business value and satisfying the needs of the users and customers. 

ITIL credentials are highly valuable in the current job market as its demand is increasing at an exponential rate. With ITIL certification, you will have a strong foundation that you can use for taking your career to a higher level. The different modules can help professionals in every hierarchy. Getting an ITIL certification can significantly boost your career.


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