Best Electric Fireplace reviews by Tim Arnold


Do you wish to have a fireplace at your home, sitting where you can enjoy reading a book, watching your favourite movie, just having a cosy time with family, or while having your favourite coffee? Anybody would love this, but if I tell you that for having such a fireplace, you need to have chimneys in your house, you would have the cosiness, but that will be followed by the smell of burning, and you also need to clean the place around the fireplace which will be dirtied by the ash from the fireplace. What if I tell you that you need to buy logs of wood regularly and then also put it in the fireplace frequently to keep the fire inside it alive. You will soon make up your mind to not have this fireplace in your house when I would say that there have been many cases when children for whom fire is just another thing to play with have hurt themselves while playing with it.

All these reasons are enough for you to not have a fireplace, but Tim Arnold is here to tell you that you can have one fireplace which won’t have any such issues related to it. An electric fireplace looks as authentic as a real wood-burning fireplace, but in reality, it is no real fire, thus saves you from all the problems mentioned above. Electric fireplaces are available as all-in-one units that can be mounted on a wall and can fit into your old fireplace as well. An electric fireplace, as the name suggests, is an electric version of the fireplace and as because there is no real fire involved, hence there is a need to have chimneys for it.

Some advantages of an Electric Fireplace

  • No such requirement of vents
  • No maintenance
  • No smoke or smell or ash
  • Can be hung on any wall
  • Some electric fireplaces can be remote controlled
  • Can be used without heat just for ambience

Some best electric fireplace reviews by Tim Arnold

  1. Best Overall Electric Fireplace: Touchstone Sideline

Tim Arnold believes Touchstone Sideline to be the best choice for an electric fireplace. This fireplace offers room coverage of 400 feet, providing an ample amount of electric heat. Despite being electric, the faux logs and realistic fire give a totally authentic feel and look of a traditional fireplace.

The fireplace is aesthetically very bright and is available in a range of sizes, with a fireplace of appropriate size for each living space. The fireplace has a very crisp visual that makes viewing easy and very much enjoyable, whether you are close or far away from it. The user has an option to choose the colour of the flames from blue or orange or a combination of blue and orange flames, adding further to the realness.

In some situations when you just want the visuals of that fireplace and not the heat that it creates, then Touchstone Sideline has such settings to turn off the heating.

Some issues related to it that are worth mentioning. When someone spends so much for the electric fireplace, then he or she expects to get some basic things like batteries for the remote control, but those are not provided with the set, which should have been. A third intermediate setting would have been a good addition to it, which is lacking presently.

2. High-End Modern Electric Fireplace: Dimplex Prism Wall Mount Linear

If you want to have all the features that an electric fireplace can have in just one electric heater, then go for the Dimplex Prism. The faux flames of the Dimplex Prism look the best and so do the acrylic rocks that it has. It is a product that has no boundaries. It allows you to change the colour of its flames.

The only issue associated with the Dimplex prism is that it does not heat as much space as it claims. It is meant for heating a small room only.

 3. Best Wall Mount & Recessed Electric Fireplace: Regal Flame Fusion 50 Inch Built-in

If you want to have looks along with the latest innovations then the Regal Flame Fusion 50 inch is a good option for you. It has a powerful fan-forced heater and warms the rooms up to 400 square feet. It has proved to be a good choice for condos, apartments, homes, or offices, and even for restaurants and hotels.

The regal flame fusion provides you with three different modes for heating, that can be set to high, low, or no heat. It is a comparatively affordable option when it comes to electric fireplaces that include all the hardware needed for the mounting purpose. It is quite easy to operate and also to install it.

Regal Flame Fusion has given a stylish design with great realistic flames and very innovative glowing pebbles, that gives quite an authentic look. Apart from the looks, it is also designed with such efficiency that it uses less electricity.

This particular model requires a dedicated electric circuit at a 13-ampere minimum. If your house can meet this requirement, then Regal Flame Fusion is the most cost-effective and efficient option for you.

 4. Best Electric Fireplace Insert: PuraFlame 30″ Western

This particular fireplace is meant to be installed into a previously existing fireplace, the traditional one, and claims to heat areas up to 400 square feet. It is the first of a kind that uses 100% energy-saving LED technology.

The PureFlame model; includes a remote control, an adjustable thermostat, and three flame settings that have varied intensity and brightness levels. This particular model has burning logs in it, adding to the realness of the fireplace. The electric fire effects of reasonably good quality provide great comfort 

and warm air with more old-school feelings.

Everything has some issues related to it, and so does it have. The unit of the fireplace gets extremely heated and thus becomes quite dangerous for small children.

 5. Best Budget Electric Fireplace: Touchstone 50″ Onyx

The Touchstone 50″ Onyx is the best choice if you are struggling with a small budget. It’s lifelike real looking, yet unreal flames can be set either in a pile of faux logs or a crystal hearth, which completely sets up the ambience of the room. The Onyx claims to heat rooms up to 400 square feet and provides two basic heat settings, high and low.

Though having only two heating options only, but it has five fire brightness settings ranging from a dull glowing ember to a full blazing fire. A dual-mode comes in this model which allows us to operate the fireplace with or without the heat, just for the looks.

The Onyx has an incredibly unique feature where you get a built-in timer for auto shut off that allows you to choose the time ranging from thirty minutes to 7.5 hours. This model is quite lightweight and easy to use and also easy to mount. The LED technology that it uses allows it to use minimal energy that saves you from a heavy electric bill. It comes with only one setback that it has only two heating modes, which can be ignored seeing what other things it has got to offer to you.




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