How to Start Sports Betting as a Beginner


There are millions of people who enjoy placing bets on sport around the world. If you are an outsider looking at this for the first time, the choice on offer and size of the industry can be a little daunting.

This makes it a little difficult for newcomers to get in properly and find their feet. Some end up using the wrong bookmaker, not getting value on their bets or betting in the wrong way and that eventually puts them off so they stop.

Taking the right steps at the very beginning will make or break your sports betting experience, and here is how to take the right steps. This can turn betting into your favourite hobby if you begin correctly.

Following these and starting is much easier, hopefully allowing you to move forward and enjoy your sports betting life.

Choose a Bookmaker That is Right for You

There are hundreds of bookmakers around the world you could use. The key is to find one that matches what you want to use them for.

Look for something set out in a simple way, one that offers betting on the sport that you want to bet on. Many bookmakers offer generous sign up offers for new customers and these are something else to look for, with free bets and bonus funds available.

If you can find the right bookmaker with the right offer to get started then this should put you on the right track.

Something else to look out for while choosing your bookmaker is how you can bet. If you are likely to bet while you are away from home on a regular basis then you need to find a bookmaker that offers a mobile betting app.

With this, you can access your bookmaker anywhere, providing you have your phone and an internet connection.

Take Small, Simple Steps

The biggest advice that anyone can give a new gambler is to take small and simple steps. There is no need to go for a big win straight away and no need to be placing any complex bets with multiple selections.

The way to enjoy betting and be successful is to aim low, start with simple bets and build your confidence. The more complicated bets do have a place, and you will use them at some point but as a new gambler, that is not the time to be doing this.

The first bets you place will shape how you feel about gambling. If you place 10 complicated bets that lose then you will feel down about your betting, wondering what it takes to win. Place 10 simple bets and pick up a few winners, even if these are only small wins, and your mindset will be much different.

Don’t Expect to Win with Every Bet

This is a key aspect of betting that everyone needs to learn. When you place a bet, you are doing so because you believe the bet will win. However, you should also not expect to win every bet you place.

Losers are a part of betting, regardless of what you bet on, and you need to accept that. If you are betting at bigger prices then it is easily possible to have a strike rate of 20-30% and be a winning punter.

This would mean out of 10 bets you place, just two or three would be winners, while seven or eight are losers. If you can understand this and are happy for this to happen, you will be able to approach your betting in the right way, and not let losses knock your confidence too much.

Handling, and understanding that losers will happen, is a key part of betting.


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