Easy Treatments to Restore Youthfulness


If you turn back time a century and a half and keep going back, you’ll find that one of the biggest undiscoverable ancient treasures was the ability to restore youth and vigor.

Back then, the concept of looking young again was on the same level as having superpowers. It seemed so impossible, way out of our reach, and only something that we could only dream about.

With the advancement in bioscience and technology, however, we are more than capable of restoring youthfulness to face and bringing back that spark of energy that you may have lost after some years. And these treatments are rather simple in both procedure and nature, as they do not require complicated steps or constant care and maintenance.

Anything from Botox to Juvederm NYC clinics offer everything you’ll need to get that youthful and vigorous look back, as well as a new level of confidence, without extra maintenance or the convoluted hassle that comes with so many other cosmetic treatments. So, let’s take a look at what options you have for treatments that will effectively bring you back to your younger self.


Hard to miss this one, considering how much of an impact this treatment has had on the beauty industry and cosmetic treatments as a whole. Originally applied as a treatment for eye twitching and muscle spasms, the botulinum toxin was found to be very effective in numbing nerves temporarily, without causing any kind of damage to the body.

When doctors injected the compound into special parts of the face, it numbed the nerves, allowing the skin above to smooth itself out as the muscles lost their tension. This is basically how Botox functions, though if you ask for further details from a specialist, it won’t sound that simple.

However, as a client, when it comes to Botox, there’s really not much you have to worry about outside of the actual injections themselves if you happen to have a fear of needles. The procedure itself involves a set of injections in a special pattern performed on designated areas of the face in order to insert the compound as equally and symmetrically as possible. While it may be very hard work for the professional, for you, the client, all it means is sitting back in your chair and waiting for them to finish. Thanks to the numbing cream that will be applied to your face, you’ll only feel the slightest tugging sensation as the needle is inserted and taken out. 

After several injections, you’ll be home free, with the only doctor’s orders being to avoid alcohol, extreme temperatures, other cosmetic treatments, and touching or feeling the area that was treated. Which, again, is very easy when compared to how much maintenance there is with so many other cosmetic treatments and procedures.

Long story short: with only a couple injections and 2 days without alcohol, you’ll be looking young and fresh for the next several months.


Another simple cosmetic treatment you can try out with very low maintenance and trouble is Microneedling, which much like its name implies, utilizes microscopic needles.

You’ve probably noticed how your skin responds any time you get a cut. First, it bleeds for a little bit, then the wound closes up and is restored with fresh new skin cells. If you happen to have a tattoo, you may have also felt that when the skin recovers, it gets super soft. If you, a friend or family member have recently gotten a tattoo, feel the tattooed area and just see for yourself how soft and supple the skin is.

This is because the skin has the natural ability to heal and regenerate damaged cells and replace them with fresh ones, which are not only strong but also very soft to the touch.

With microneedling, you’re tattooing certain parts of your body or face, just without any ink, which is why the treatment is sometimes referred to as “dry tattooing”. A special tool uses microscopic needles to poke tiny holes in your skin, the wounds barely causing any damage. You can get rid of the blood with a single wipe and they pretty much heal on their own.

Once the holes are poked, the skin is stimulated into replacing the damaged cells with new ones. So, you soften your skin through the natural powers and abilities of your body, thereby not causing any allergic reaction and no extra care required afterward. 


And finally, when it comes to restoring volume and lifting the face, no other treatment does it better than Juvederm.

As our skin gets saggy over the years, we lose the more intricate details of our faces, which make them look much younger, such as the cheekbones, jawline, chin, etc. When Juvederm is injected into key areas of the face, it lifts up the skin, causing it to wrap around these areas and highlight them.

There are very few side effects to the treatment, ranging from a little swelling, redness, and itchiness. Much like Botox, you’ll be asked to avoid extreme temperatures as well as touching the treated area as it heals. Within one week, you’ll find the compound in its final position, as your face looks significantly more energized thanks to how Juvederm is able to highlight key areas.

Your One-Stop-Shop

As stated before, major metropolitan areas like NYC are an epicenter for all things cosmetic and these three treatments are in no short supply. If you’re looking for either Botox, Microneedling or Juvederm NYC is a great place to try it.

And one of the best clinics in the area is Skinly Aesthetics and their state of the art, comfortable facilities. You can find them in Manhattan or you can simply visit their website and find out more about their treatments, such as their Juvederm NYC treatment plan, which is one of the best deals on fillers throughout the city. And with the convenience of their constantly updated homepage, you can find all the information you’ll need to make an appointment.


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