Types of Cakes- the Most Popular Varieties of Your Favorite Dessert


There are several types of cakes that you must have eaten while growing up, and probably you still love them. Well, we all do, but have you ever peeked into the history of how it all started? Our favorite dessert was inspired by the Egyptian baking system that was discovered hundreds of years back. According to historians, Egyptians were the first-ever experts in baking. Unlike any other place, Egypt was home to several big bakeries used to produce cakes and unleavened bread.

The first-ever baking equipment was nothing but hot stones. Besides, Egyptians were also the first ever to discover how to use yeast in a baking process. Even, do you know why a usual cake comes round in shape? It is because, in earlier times, the ancient bread was nothing but round dough loaves. Then those were baked on hearthstones. It was only later in the 18th century that discovering other techniques such as whipping eggs for cakes took place. While during those times, there was no modern equipment such as blenders and beaters, so it took several hours to complete it. However, it was indeed the start of a new era for bakers. By the 1840s, the invention of baking soda had taken place, and by the 1860s, baking powder was also a known ingredient.

Even later, ovens with temperature regulation options became available, and sugar became affordable for all. It is when people started baking more and developing newer cake recipes too. By the middle of the 19th century, several types of cakes had become famous.

Most traditional types of cakes

Sugar originated in Asia, but the people in the West started using it along with flour, butter, and eggs to develop different types of cakes and their recipes.

Angel cake

Angel cake is very traditional and also one of the lost dessert recipes. The essential ingredients that go into making an angel cake are sugar, salt, vanilla, cream of tartar, quite a few egg whites, and almond extract. The end-product is a flourless cake that is too fluffy and light. Ultimately an angel cake does not require any leavening. The baking equipment is mainly what we call a tube pan.

The usual accompaniments of an angel cake are whipped cream and berries. Besides, you can also use a different type of dessert sauce such as caramel, custard, chocolate, fruit, etc. According to historians, the Afro-American slaves were the first people to bake angel cakes down in the USA’s southern part. The slaves had more strength that was required to whip cream till a specific consistency. Another group of historians believes that the cakes originally belong to the Dutch Country in Pennsylvania. People in parts of America observe Angel Cake Day on October 10. Presently, there are recipes on how to make this gorgeous cake all over the internet.

Applesauce cake

A raw cake made with walnuts, raisins, and spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and applesauce. This cake has that perfect Christmas feel to it, and also belongs to the traditional category. There are recipes of applesauce cakes that also use cubes of chocolate. You can make these easy recipes as snacks, and these are usually not frosted. However, if you feel otherwise, you can dress up the cake with brown sugar frosting, also known as penuche.

Rhum Baba

These are like cute little cakes that are baked in cylindrical molds. There is a typical technique that goes into making Rhum Baba. The basic ingredients are of course a yeast dough, raisins, currants, and a proper sugar syrup to soak the cake. Further, the cake is flavored with rum, and therefore the name Rhum Baba. According to the history of this cake, the term Baba comes from the kugelhopf or koulhopf. So, as per the story behind this dessert, the king of Poland, Stanislas Leszczynska (1710–1774) was exiled and deposed to Lorraine. The king was Louise XV’s father-in-law and had a massive personality.

When he landed up in Lorraine, he found kugelhopf here, but they were very dry. So, what he did was to soak them in rum to get the moist texture. Later, the royal check made some modifications to the recipe by adding raisins and using brioche buns. King Stanislas Leszczynska loved the dessert and named it after Ali Baba, his favorite storybook character. Later, Ali got removed and just the second part remained. However, it is important to know that not every Baba cake is a Rhum Baba. The name is given to that shape, and it may or may not use rum in it. Presently, Rhum Babas come in all shapes and sizes.


A yeast ring beginning in Eastern Europe, heated with raisins or other dried organic product in the mixture. Like espresso cake, without the coating or streusel. Today it additionally is likewise made in a portion shape. A few babkas are made in the style of a marble cake, swirled with chocolate, as a minor departure from the conventional dried natural product.

Baked Alaska

This sweet is frozen yogurt encased in meringue and seared in a stove. Even though it didn’t get its present name until 1896, it was designed in 1804 by Benjamin Thompson Rumford (1753-1814), an American-conceived physicist who turned into a British subject during the American Revolution. The pastry was the side-effect of his investigation of the opposition of solidly beaten egg whites to the enlistment of warmth. He named the pastry Omelet Surprise. Later forms included wipe cake underneath the frozen yogurt, the formula that is regular today.

Black Forest

A chocolate layer cake, loaded up with Kirsch-seasoned whipped cream and harsh Morello cherries and customarily iced with whipped cream and chocolate twists. The cake is accepted to have started in the late sixteenth century operating at a profit Forest locale of Germany. The zone is known for its sharp Morello cherries and Kirschwasser, an unmistakable liquor produced using the cherries. Peruse increasingly about the historical backdrop of the Black Forest Cake, including a formula.

They say that when you read the word ‘stressed’ in reverse, it becomes ‘desserts.’ So, it is clear that a dessert, for example, a delicious cake can drive away all your stress and make you happy.


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