Why Pet Owners Deserves a Vacuum Cleaner?

Era for Vacuum Cleaner

It is a fact against which we cannot fight: animals lose their hair, to a greater or lesser extent over the seasons. And unless you opt for a sphinx (one of the few hairless cats), it is better to organize rather than grumble By buying a good vacuum cleaner, like Dreame V11 when you have animals for example.

Why vacuum cleaner when you have animals and not just a conventional vacuum cleaner?

We ask ourselves such a question only when we have no animals (or when the animals spend a lot of time outside). Indeed, animals lose their hair every day. At times, we have just finished vacuuming with Dreame V11 that it feels like we can start again.

The vacuum cleaner will be able to vacuum and clean every day without weighing down your daily life and even if, you choose a low-end device that does not properly make the edges of the walls and the outline of the furniture, the result is still much more pleasant than doing everything yourself.

What type of vacuum cleaner to vacuum animal hair?

To find out which vacuum cleaner is suitable for you, you must return it. That is to say, take the time to look at the suction system. Some vacuum cleaners have a rotary brush at the suction level. It is very practical with children, much less with hair. Indeed, the long bristles wrap around the brush and end up blocking the mechanism. Other vacuums have a vacuum system similar to a conventional vacuum, just an opening. It is the preferred format.

What suction power against animal hair?

On each vacuum cleaner (robot or not), a score is assigned according to the suction capacity on hard floors (parquet, tiles) and on carpets. It is important to always take a device with note A when you have animals.

This is the most reliable information. Because power mainly means the amount of energy consumed, necessarily by suction power. Part of the power is redirected to the robot’s wheels, its programming system, etc.

Are there any other details to look at?

Due to the presence of animal hair, the vacuum cleaner tank will fill quickly. It is, therefore, preferable to check its capacity and to look at the opinion of other customers on the ease of emptying it.

It can also be interesting to ensure the presence of a magnetic strip to install a virtual wall (which limits the movements of the robot). This prevents it from spilling a bowl of water or ending up stuck under a piece of furniture.

Good, buy your robot vacuum cleaner to vacuum the hair

And of course, it remains a vacuum cleaner that works all over the house on any type of dirt. This is why you must take into account other elements that you find in the buying guide on vacuum cleaners.

For example, the brushes on the sides do not act against the bristles, but we are very happy to have a clean house even in the corners of the rooms. The same goes for the life of the battery. Our cat does not care, but, we will appreciate that the vacuum cleaner is passed effectively and not with several breaks each time.


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