Energy Efficient Homes: 5 Tips for Saving More Money on Energy Bills

energy efficient homes

If you’ve paid your energy bill recently, you may have noticed costs on the rise. With the warming climate, your costs are only likely to increase.

This is frustrating, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t other options.

Energy efficient homes maintain significantly cheaper energy bills every month. So why not become more energy efficient?

There are tons of easy things you can do to save energy, but here are five simple tips you can incorporate within your home.

1. Adjust Your Thermostat

One of the simplest ways to become more energy efficient is to adjust your temperature actively.

If you adjust your thermostat just a few degrees for eight hours every day, you can save as much as 10% annually on heating or cooling.

You can also invest in a Smart or programmable thermostat, which automatically adjusts temperatures based on your living patterns. You can input when you’re at work or asleep, and the thermostat will change accordingly.

2. Consider Replacing Doors and Windows

A lesser-known way to save money on energy bills is to replace your doors and windows. Consider adopting wood, fiberglass, or vinyl frames instead of aluminum to better keep the air inside or outside.

Infographic Provided By Solar Panel Installation Company, Sunburst Solar

If you don’t want to replace the windows, make sure the windows are completely sealed in your home. Gaps and creaks in windows can quickly hike up the energy bill without you realizing it.

3. Utilize Your Fans

If you’re living in a hot environment and don’t want to raise your air conditioner use, utilize your fans. Fans can keep the house cool without increasing energy costs.

Fans are conveniently located in most homes and are available in every home improvement store.

Plus, fans can be used to save energy even in the winter. By reversing the direction from counter-clockwise to clockwise, rising hot air is pushed to the floor, keeping the room warm.

4. Unplug Your Devices

Another tip to save energy is to unplug any chargers or devices that aren’t in use. Unplugging cell phone chargers, computers, TVs, and kitchen appliances when they aren’t being used can save you a lot of energy over time.

One appliance or charger doesn’t make a difference, but if you’re in the habit of unplugging your devices across the house, you can save as much as 10 percent on monthly bills!

5. Use Proper Lighting

Lighting shouldn’t be overlooked in homes. Investing in fluorescent or LED bulbs throughout the house can save homeowners an absorbent amount of money over time.

LED bulbs last up to 25 times longer and give off more brightness than regular bulbs. The average U.S. home has 40-45 bulbs in a home, so replacing all the bulbs with LED or fluorescent bulbs can make a huge difference.

Though these bulbs cost more initially, they will save you lots of money in the long-run.

And if you’re looking to save even more money, you can also always look into solar companies.

Ready to Create More Energy Efficient Homes?

Energy efficient homes are becoming more popular as people go greener and grow tired of rising energy costs.

Instead of getting frustrating over those hiking bills, now you can do something about it. These are simple and easy ways to reduce energy without taking drastic measures.

So why wait any longer? Start incorporating some of these ideas today!

And since energy costs aren’t your only concern, be sure to check out some of our other articles on homes, real estate, and finance!


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