Do you think any hospital can work without nurses? We all know the answer is a big no. Doctors might diagnose and treat, but we all will lay helpless if there will be no nurses. When a lot of battles and wars were going on, who do you think rescued the wounded? Those injured soldiers used to get their treatment in a medical camp where some doctors and nurses would look after them. 

We all plan in a different way when it comes to deciding about our professional lives. Some of us prefer to pursue a path that will assist them in making a difference in the lives of people. Some people end up choosing a different career than what they had decided to adopt. 

Various studies say that nurses comprise a significant part of the healthcare industry than doctors. Without nurses, our healthcare industry would not have been the same. The quality of services will also be different, and doctors would be under pressure to train for patient health measures other than their medical degrees. Having a lot of working hours, the doctors will leave the healthcare industry or face severe burnouts. Imagine how our world will be without nurses.

A career in nursing is as promising as that of a doctor. There is a difference in the studies and skills essential for both the professions. A bachelor’s degree from medicine cambridge university in nursing holds many benefits and can give you a kick start into your job. Do you want to pursue a career in nursing? Be sure to know the benefits and differences of BSN vs MSN degrees to decide your career growth. A bachelor’s degree allows you to work as a nurse practitioner or registered nurse, but with a master’s degree, you can excel more in your career. 

Are we looking for more reasons to pursue a degree in nursing? Here is why you should. 

1. Great learning opportunities
Have you seen an eye specialist doing cardiac surgery? We know that this job is best suited for a cardiologist. If you are a registered nurse, you will not have to wait for a specialized degree. Nurses have this opportunity to work in every setup. Be it a children ward, or surgery department, every nurse must have served some time in these departments and learned from doctors and nurses around. With nursing, you can avail of many opportunities that can help you in your professional growth. If you have started your career as a registered nurse, you can pursue further studies by attaining advanced certifications such as ACLS besides your necessary professional degrees. 

2. Reasonable
The difference between a doctor’s degree and a nurse’s degree is their tie duration and fewer expenses. Initial two years of a nursing degree equips you with all the pre-requisite skills and knowledge that can help you to start your career. Unlike doctors, you do not get to study long years and then acquire expertise until you start your occupation as a primary care doctor. If you are willing to be a nurse, you can be a licensed nurse in as little as 12 months or a registered nurse practitioner in 2-4 years if you opt for a bachelor’s degree in nursing science.

3. Ample career opportunities
With a degree in nursing, it is not mandatory to stick to one place. Everyone is well aware of the evident shortage of nurses in the healthcare industry. With this lackness, there will always be room for induction of new nurses in different parts of the country. There will be an approximately 12% increase in jobs of registered nurses between the years 2018-2028.  These statistics ensure that there are plentiful jobs in this profession. Besides the rise in vacancies, nurses get to transition between various healthcare departments.

4. A wide range of specialties
If you think your professional degree will confine you to the hospital setting only, then here is good news for you. With a professional degree in nursing, you can work as a consultant nurse in a law firm and choose to be a nurse educator, researcher, and floor nurse. You can also serve in the educational set up as a school nurse. There are endless possibilities to choose and flourish your professional journey. Being a travel nurse allows you to travel across different places and add more to your experience by working in various medical settings.

5. Diverse work schedules
While many of us are working in a monotonous nine to five routine, nurses enjoy the diversity in their working hours. You can work in day shifts or night shifts, or you can choose to serve your job as a part-time or full-time employee. If you opt for a shift timing, it will give you the luxury of working 13-14 hours and three to four days per week. Many hospitals allow self-scheduling if you decide to work a 12 hours shift in a week, you can rest for another two weeks, or pick a 9 to 5 slot. You can plan other activities in your spare time to reduce burnout and stress and start another day with more energy. 


When we choose an occupation, we prefer it to fit with our skills and education, but we also want satisfaction. Job satisfaction plays a vital role in deciding our job performance. People who are happy with what they are doing will always have this motivation to serve in a better way and with new ideas. On the other hand, an unsatisfied person will brush their responsibilities off their shoulders, which will lead to lousy performance.  Nursing offers a high degree of satisfaction as the people who have chosen this profession know that they make a difference in everyone’s life. They get this sense of satisfaction because they are serving humanity and are always there to improve our health and recovery.  


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