Antique Chairs: A List Of Popular Styles

List Of Popular Styles

Chairs are obviously essential items of furniture, but there are so many designs, and let’s not forget comfort, which is also a must. Antique chairs can be blended with a modern dining table, and with that in mind, here are a few of the list of popular chair styles that have emerged over the centuries.

  • The Chippendale Chair – Thomas Chippendale made some fine furniture and his chairs were very much in demand during the late Victorian and early Edwardian eras. The chairs were typically crafted from seasoned mahogany, with Gothic and Rocco influences. One way of sourcing Chippendale chairs is to search online for a local antique dealer, who would certainly have some Chippendale furniture for sale at affordable prices.
  • The Windsor Chair – This practical and visually appealing style of chair is one of the more popular antique wooden chairs, with many variations. The common feature of Windsor chairs is: the seat section has many holes, into which round wooden poles are inserted, which is different to standard chairs that have solid, continuous uprights, as supports. The design was amended by many other master furniture makers later, and the reason Windsor chairs are so popular today is the comfort. 
  • Thomas Sheraton – A brilliant man, who inspired many of the 18th century designs, Sheraton’s chairs are very much in demand. His style was influenced by Louis XVI, with sweeping curves. The Thomas Sheraton style chair is stable and very strong, with a practical design and just enough upholstery, which comes in a range of colours, with superb fabrics.
  • The Slipper Chair – Typically found in a lady’s bedroom, the Slipper Chair was designed to be low and very comfortable, perfect for the lady who is dressing for an important social occasion. Short legs and large areas of upholstery are trademarks of this design, and with some changes, this style of chair managed to enter living rooms in the US and UK. Your local antique dealer would be the person to contact if you are looking for an authentic Slipper Chair.
  • The Tub Chair – Shaped very much like a bathtub, Louis XVI was the first to create this stylish and very elegant chair, usually found with ornate carvings, with a light-coloured upholstery. This chair was very much a symbol of wealth and luxury and would be found in a lady’s boudoir, and they are popular today with women who wish to have a luxury look to their sleep quarters.
  • The Hitchcock Chair – An American inventor by the name of Lambert Hitchcock began to manufacture chairs in the early 19th century, becoming the first chair maker to focus on mass production, using new stencil techniques to decorate the chairs cheaply and efficiently. Many were sold and are still available today, and your local antique dealer would have access to Hitchcock chairs.

 Hitchcock Chair

If you are looking for a set of chairs of a specific style and period, simply search online for a reputable antique dealer and they would be able to furnish you with a selection of fine chairs. When you see something suitable, you can arrange a viewing.


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