Creating a Beautiful Home: How to Make Your House Look Nicer

how to make your house look nicer

Over half of your life happens at home.

Studies show that on average, Americans spend close to 87% of their lives inside. We rely on our homes to be a safe haven from the world, while also serving as a place for self-expression. However, if you’re not happy with the way your house looks, you’re missing out on all the fun!

Are you wondering how to make your house look nicer? We’ve got you covered. Our team created a short guide to show you how to make your house shine, from the inside out.

So take a look! You’ll discover exactly what it’ll take to get that perfect home look.

How to Make Your House Look Nicer Outside

It doesn’t matter how great the inside of your house looks. If your front yard is a mess, it’ll be difficult enjoying the treasures you have inside. Luckily, sprucing up your front yard is simple, and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Here are a few tips on how to make your house look nicer out front:

  • Plant things
  • Trim bushes
  • Pull weeds
  • Edge after mowing
  • Put up lattice
  • Powerwash driveway
  • Powerwash house
  • Paint your house

Pressure washing companies the front of your home, along with your driveway, can make it look brand new! If after pressure washing you notice you’re house still isn’t shining the way you’d like, it might be time to try a new coat of paint. If you don’t feel like painting the entire house, try just painting the front door.

Moving on, planting flowers and bushes is the perfect way to bring your front yard to life. When planting flowers, choose colors that will compliment the color of your home.

For instance, if you’re house has a light blue color, lavender-colored flowers would create a beautiful and soft contrast. However, if you’re house is primarily beige, go for louder colored flowers that will pop, like red.

We also find it’s helpful to edge flower beds, to help separate them from the lawn. While you have the edger out, go ahead and edge the entire lawn. It helps give your front yard a crisp, clean look.

Give Your Home Personality

It’s easy to get so caught up in making your house look good that you forget to make it personal. Your home should be a reflection of who you are, and what you’re all about. One great way to help give your home personality is by hanging up a portrait of your pet.

Go ahead and find an artist who can create a realistic portrait of your pet. Once it’s finished, we suggest putting up your pet portrait in the entryway. Now your favorite pet can greet each guest as they enter your home.

Create an Entry Way

If you have a house that doesn’t have an entryway, don’t worry! You can easily create an entryway with a few simple tricks.

Here are a few ways to make a welcoming entryway:

  • Create a distinction with furniture
  • Hide clutter with a console
  • Use a bookcase to partition rooms
  • Use potted plants to establish the entryway

Taking the time to design your entryway will make your house look nicer, while also helping guests feel welcome. Pay close attention to the lights you have in your entryway.

We suggest choosing soft white lights, that can gently illuminate your entryway. Next, have a table or space where guests can set down their things. If you have enough room, you could also have an ornate chair available for looks and use.

To keep your entryway free of clutter, establish an area where shoes belong. For instance, you could use a small rug that shoes can go.

Finally, use a couple of mirrors to create a sense of more space in your entryway. If you position the mirrors in the right spots, you can have the light bounce off them. Bouncing light around your entryway makes it safer to navigate, while also bringing the area to life.

Step up Your Curtain Game

Walking through your house, take a look at your curtains. Do they match or have a color scheme? Are your curtains new and clean looking?

If you notice you have a hodgepodge of mismatched curtains, it’s time to do something about it. Curtains are one of the most powerful decorating tools you have in your home. The right set of curtains can bring a room together.

However, if you’re curtains are old or don’t’ match, your entire room will look off no matter how great everything else is. Before you run out and start buying curtains, consider what effect you want them to have.

How to Pick the Right Curtains

Ask yourself these questions to help you pick the right curtains:

  • What room will the curtains be in?
  • What is the theme of that room?
  • What is the color scheme of that room?

As you can see with the questions above, it’s easiest to pick out curtains once you know the theme or color scheme you want for your home.

House Decor Ideas

Have you ever seen a picture of a room in a magazine and thought, “Wow, I want that”. Chances are, the room had a specific theme and color scheme that resonated with you in some way.

Whether you’re wondering how to make your house look modern, or how to transform it into a vintage palace, it all starts with themes and color schemes. The theme you pick will determine the color scheme or color palette for your home.

Here are some examples of room themes that look amazing:

  • Casual cottage
  • Scandinavian
  • Luxury design
  • Coastal
  • Modern
  • Contemporary

Once you choose a theme, it’ll be easier to make home decor decisions that work well together.

Be Proud of Your Home

Now you know how to make your house look nicer! What tip will you be using to give your house it’s perfect look? Do you plan on creating a theme in your house? Or are you excited about the idea of revamping the front yard?

Whatever you choose to do, you’re going to love the fresh new way your home looks. For more of life’s best advice, check out the rest of this site.


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