10 Ways Self-Help Quotes Can Change Your Life

self help quotes

We all know it, millennials are obsessed with self-improvement. But, with depression and other mental health issues on the rise in the US, is this really a surprise?

As well as seeing a therapist, starting a healthy exercise and diet routine, and spending more time with friends and family, have you considered reading self-help books?

Self-help quotes can change your life for the better. They can help us change our perspectives and are a brand new source of knowledge. In this article, we’ll look at 10 ways self-help quotes can change your life:

1. Quotes Remind You to Stay Positive

If you have ever wondered how to break yourself out of a negative spiral, the answer may be to read a positive quote.

Some people choose to come up with their own personal quote, others find and tattoo a quote on their body to remind them of their good fortune every day.

We may be sick of well-meaning relatives saying “think positive”, but it has been proven that this trick helps build mental resilience and can boost your mood.

2. Encourage You to Boost Your Career

Are you feeling underwhelmed with your current position at work? Having a self-help quote on your desk can remind you why you’re doing this job!

By listening to the advice of business moguls such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates, you’ll learn some tips and tricks for crushing it in your career.

A self-help quote reminds you to strive every day for your ultimate goal. You can only achieve them by putting in the leg work now!

3. Quotes Give Us Hope in Hard Times

It may be argued that humanity is facing unprecedented difficulties right now. If you’re struggling to get through these tough times, turn to quotes about persisting.

You may even want to consider reading a self-help book. If you find the right book, you will notice your anxiety dissipate.

As Martin Luther King once said: “We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.”

4. Remind You That You’re Not Alone

Although being by ourselves is good for our sense of purpose and can even aid stress management, being alone too often can be upsetting, isolating, and very lonely.

However, by having an uplifting quote to read when you’re feeling low, you can help boost your mood.

Others are going through or have been through the same or similar things to you. They found a way to continue, how will you thrive in the face of adversity?

5. Change Your Viewpoint on Life

Only do we grow as people when we challenge our preconceived perceptions of things. By changing your viewpoint on life, you’re growing.

Start by reading books written by people who are different from you. Then, find a quote that resonates with you but challenges something you’ve always believed in.

6. Quotes Encourage Time for Self Care

Do you forget to look after yourself when times get tough? Having a self-help quote on a post-it on the mirror or somewhere in the bathroom can be a helpful reminder.

It’s well-known that mothers, in particular, put their needs behind the needs of their families.

But, as Michelle Obama once said: “To be a good parent, you need to take care of yourself so that you can have the physical and emotional energy to take care of your family.”

If you struggle with this, consider writing this quote out and keeping it next to your bed!

7. Helps Foster a Better Relationship with Others

Do you struggle to have empathy for people who you don’t see eye to eye with? Perhaps you have a strained relationship with a sibling or friend?

Start by reading self-help books about your particular relationship trouble. You may even want to consider therapy either online or in person.

Once you’ve found some way to feel more empathetic, write down a summary of how to feel this every day. Your own personal quotes can be just as powerful as self-help quotes.

8. Connects Us to a Higher Power

Are you struggling with your faith? Why not read many religious quotes to inspire you to feel more spiritual?

As well as reading quotes from your own religion, why not read books and quotes about other world religions?

Not only will this help you be more tolerant and understanding of others, but it’s likely that you’ll learn lots of interesting things by reading the philosophy of other religions.

9. Learn to Love Again

If you’ve had your heartbroken, you’ll know how difficult it is to get back up and meet someone new.

But, the best love quotes can help inspire you to get out into the dating world again. These quotes will also remind you why you got married or why you had kids on days when you’re struggling to enjoy being around your family!

10. Helps You Step Back from Modern Stressors

In the modern world, everyone is guilty of being “too busy” or spending too much time with a phone in their hand.

As a result of this way of life, we often forget what is important and lose contact with close friends.

A brilliant self-help quote will remind you to focus on what truly matters. As Gandhi once said: “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” So take a minute to slow down and look around.

Self-Help Quotes Will Change Your Life

If you take a moment to read over a powerful quote and repeat it to yourself often enough, you may completely transform your life.

No matter what you’re struggling with, there is a quote to help guide you through this hard time!

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