Most Important Places to Clean in Bathroom

clean in your bathroom

When it comes to cleaning our homes, the bathroom is often the worst out of all of our rooms. They are high traffic areas that receive sustained use and if you don’t keep on top of the cleaning in there, they can turn into a germ-infested nightmare. Some of the most important places to clean in your bathroom are also the ones that we forget, so here are the most important places to clean in your bathroom.

Toothbrush Holder

It is one of those things that no one really wants to take responsibility for, but the toothbrush holder is a communal tool that gets dirty very quickly. Make sure you scrub it regularly with anti-bacterial, as these areas can become a hot bed of bacteria due to the type of fitting it is. If you have a pot as the toothbrush holder, through it in the dishwasher, or fill the sink with water as hot as you can handle and let it soak in there. Cleaning it regularly will also keep your toothbrushes cleaner and more hygienic!

Your Loofa

It may not be part of your bathroom’s fixtures and fittings, but it is something that resides in your bathroom. Loofas can become very dirty very quickly and being left in tepid temperatures breeds bacteria. Whatever type of loofa you use, you want to clean it with boiling water, this will kill 99% of bacteria found on there. Avoid using harsh chemicals as you will use the loofa on your skin and don’t want to damage it. You should also change out your loofa regularly.

Shower Curtains and Screens

If you have a shower curtain, take it off once a month and pop it in the washing machine once a month to get rid of brown stains caused by limescale and soap scum build up. Not only will it make your entire bathroom look better, it will also smell better. If you have a shower screen, one of the best ways to clean it is after ever shower. Keep limescale and soap scum cleaner in a place you can reach and spray it after each use. This means you don’t have to clean it as often and there is no nasty build up that you will have to deal with.

Toilet Brushes

Toilet brushes are pretty grim, but they are a necessary evil. One of the best ways to clean it is to do it at least once a week, this way you stop any nasty build up. When it comes to the weekly clean, pour some bleach in the toilet bowl and stand the brush up in it. This will make sure all the fibres are cleaned. Then pour a little bit of bleach and boiling hot water into the container and give it a scrub if you need to (obviously wear gloves). Once you are done, remove the brush from the toilet and pour the dirty water down there too.

Handles and Knobs

As we’ve previously mentioned bathrooms are high traffic areas and not everyone in the house may be as stringent on hygiene as you are. Your bathroom is full of handles and knobs that can easily harbour bacteria and pass it from person to person if people aren’t careful. Make sure that you clean these regularly with antibacterial cleaner. You can use wipes or some spray and a rag. Cleaning all the handles in the bathroom will vastly reduce the spread of infection.

Plug Holes

Again, these aren’t fun to clean, but the plug holes in your shower, bath and sink can emit a really nasty smell if they have been neglected for a while. One of the best ways to clean them is with hot soapy water and a little bit of bleach. Make sure you wear gloves to stop the bleach from irritating your skin and then scrub around the plug holes. Cleaning this part of your bathroom will get easier as you do it more often.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis will help reduce how dirty it gets in the long run. When you first start cleaning the most important, but easily overlooked areas, they will be pretty disgusting. But the more frequently you clean them, the easier it will be. Before you start, make sure you have the appropriate cleaning products and always wear rubber gloves if you are using bleach. You might even find that members of your household even start cleaning more when they see you do it more regularly!


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