How to Build an Extra Storage Unit in your Home

Extra Storage Unit

A proper storage area makes the most significant difference to your home. A well-designed and sufficient storehouse means that even a small space can turn into an upgraded room; thus, it is considered as a key to a functional home. 

You often find yourself pondering about removing the clutter and having a space for appropriate purposes. The only thing you have to follow is an essential rule: to ensure that you have enough designated storehouses.

Whether you are living in a small-sized condo or a large house, there are plenty of storage spaces in your home, even in small areas. All it takes is out-of-the-box thinking and resourcefulness to turn those areas into additional spaces. Here’s a list on how to build an extra storage unit in your home:

Start With Getting Rid of Useless Stuff

The first thing you have to do to create more storage units is to declutter and remove the unnecessary stuff. Learn to declutter your things to lessen the things you have to organize and make cleaning easier. It is also a critical step to expand storage spaces. 

Decluttering your home room-by-room and breaking up the zones is the best way if you have a large and complicated room. Decide which items to keep and which to throw away. You can also make money by selling old clothes or household items to take back the small partition of investment you put into the items. Another option is to donate or consign them instead of trashing them.

Choose the Best Storage

Finding proper storage allows you to group the similar items together and helps in organizing your stuff. Thus professional organizers recommend the use of clear plastic containers. A clear storage container lets you see what is inside the container and saves time as you can quickly retrieve what you need from it.

Ensure that your containers have labels, especially if you have kept them in a storage room like the attic, back of a closet, or basement. Decorative baskets are also attractive when placed in the living spaces like your bedroom. They can also serve as simple add-ons to storehouses like glass canisters where you can store small items that you usually use. 

Best Storage

If you have difficulties in finding a particular size of storage unit you need or you have something important to keep, and you want it to be protected, you can check out Packaging supplies are covered, use first-class security tools, assure the safety of your belongings, and prioritize your convenience. 

Use your Prime Real Estate

Maximize your prime real estate or use the most accessible place to reach, the area between your knees and your shoulders. Place the item you always use in your prime real estate storage units. Usually, huge space is wasted on the upper region of your wall, therefore you can also keep your least-used items (once a week or month) there.

You can place different types of storage in the zone of your prime real estate, and you can set up shelves along the walls, install cork-based walls, hang clothes rack, build a pegboard, or use hooks.

Choose a Storage Bed

Buying a storage bed is one of the most common and useful investments to build an extra storage unit, especially if you have a small bedroom. It effectively makes use of the space and occupies the distance between the box springs and the floor. Storage beds also save time because of the barrier against the dust. The drawers fit together with the frame of the bed, giving you a seamless look.

The drawers can store clothes, books, files, movie collections, or anything you prefer. Unfortunately, storage beds are more expensive than the usual beds, and they might be challenging to transport.

Store Vertically

You can also utilize a vertical space, for example storing your things behind the door offers a good solution for small quarters. Don’t disregard the space above your head; take advantage of high areas to place your storage rack. Use a step ladder to put the shelf and to get the item you need. 

However, don’t use large storage containers, massive appliances, or large boxes filled with books. Use small containers so that if they happen to collapse, you will not get hit with heavy storehouses.

Key Takeaways

Do not belittle the importance of small spaces in your house as it can be turned into an extra storage unit and can be used to organize your things. All you have to do is be creative, determined, and work with the spaces in which you have to create more storage.


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