6 Best Yacht Builders of 2020


It is a matter of personal decision and taste to deciding which shipyard or builder who will produce your yacht. It would help if you found a yacht designer and builder who understands your vision and can it into reality. Yacht builders have their specialization. They can differ from the material used, innovations, and design. Our selection contains reputable yacht builders that you may consider. 

Viking yachts 

Bob and his brother Bill Healey, bought a small struggling builder in new jersey back in 1964. Now, they are known as the Viking Yacht company. The company has over five decades of building luxury performance sportfishing and cruising yachts. They are leading in semi-custom fiberglass yacht production. The company sees to it that they produce 90 percent of the boat in-house to maintain excellent performance and quality.  

Here are Viking yachts for sale for you to know why they are in demand and to see how impressive design features, high performance, and power the Viking yachts are. They are well suited both for sport-fishing and for family cruising. 

Hatteras yachts 

Willis Slane was the founder of Hatteras six decades ago. Some would say that their boats are over-engineered, but they know that it is merely the right way to build a ship. The Hatteras brand is an art in the sea. Hatteras’ goal is to innovate from the hull and propulsions to interior design, onboard connectivity, and fuel. They aim to give yachtmen an unmatched experience. 

They produced the first fiberglass yacht over 40 feet, and they innovated the revolutionary convex and modified v-hull. Over the years, Hatteras excel in sportfishing yachts and motor yachts. 


Bob Derecktor opened a shop in Mamaroneck in 1947. Bob Derecktor is a boatbuilder and a yacht designer. He started with a few workers, working on wooden sailing yachts. Derecktor custom build yachts and commercials vessels using aluminum steel and high tech composites. They specialize in building luxury yachts, motor yachts, high-speed ferries, repair, and repower re-fit capabilities. 

Christensen Shipyard

The Christensen produce their boats using the finest composite materials. Their construction process and techniques create a lighter yet stronger hull, decks and superstructures compare to boats made in steel and solid laminate. Their yachts are for deepwater expeditions. 

They believe in making the boat smarter, better, and faster. The company thoroughly tests every nook and corner of every yacht they produce. They managed to keep the electricity from being wasted in load banks by incorporating synchronized and auto managed generators. They aim to replace the nickel salt piping into composite piping with manageable and replaceable compressors.

Christensen yacht builds range from 115 feet to 196 feet, Casino royale and Odessa are some of the notable vessels they have produced.

Huckins Yachts 

Frank Pembroke Huckins’s family is in the lumber business. He launched Huckins yacht in 1928. The design of their yachts is somewhat unique, and it radiants with classic elegance. The company mission is to The company has been utilizing fiberglass composite core construction for more than four decades. The company build yachts using modern materials to reduce the weight fo the boat, increase the strength and maximize fuel-efficiency

Camper & Nicholsons Yachts 

Back in 1782, Frances found camper& Nicholson in the shipyard in Gosport England. William CAmper, his apprentice and nephew, joined him later in 1809, while Ben Nicholson joined as an apprentice in 1842. The yacht company becomes known for its wooden racing yachts—the company specializing in luxury computer yacht models built of advanced composites.

Most of the builders may have the same process and techniques in making a boat, but you also need to consider if they are accessible to you. You can check for their track record in making boats to verify their reputation. Make sure that you choose a builder that specializes in what you envision your boat will be so you can use your time and money effectively.







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