Learn how to bet on League of Legends

bet on League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) was released by Riot Games in 2009, and it quickly escalated a huge player base. The League of Legends Esports scene is most prominent in North America, Europe and China, although there are servers providing the game to the fans of League of Legends on a global scale. 

About the game

League of Legends is a simple strategic team-based game played on “Summoner’s Rift,” which is the map that the teams compete on. The game is simplistic in the essence that each team consists of five players who fight in their respective roles or lanes. This game lasts anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour. The game is intense in the way that any wrong move can cost the team the entire game. It requires a superior level of concentration and years of experience of playing games to play a full game without making a single mistake. The teams are quick to capitalise on any miscalculations of their opponents, much like in any major sport, and will punish teams that aren’t properly coached. Each team has their own style of playing the game, with Asian teams playing in an aggressive manner while European and North American teams usually play longer and a more calculated game. The fact that the League of Legends betting odds is going up on all the major oddsmakers is proof of the progress made by the Esports industry. 

How to bet on league of legends

Before learning about how to bet on League of Legends, it is important to earn about the betting markets. The first is the Match Winner, wherein you bet on a team to win. In order for a team to win, they must destroy the other team’s Nexus. The second is the First Baron or Dragon. Throughout the game of League of Legends, there are a variety of Dragons and the big prize “Baron Nasher” to kill, which are crucial in claiming the win. Due to the importance of these computer-controlled objectives, they are a popular form of League of Legends betting. The third is the First Inhibitor or Tower. 

In this, the betting is made on who will kill the first inhibitor or the tower. The next category is the Handicap, which refers to the wager on whether a team with the handicap advantage or disadvantage win one map in a series or win without dropping a map. Then next comes the Outright Winner which refers to the winner of the overall tournament. The last one is Live betting, which allows the people to bet on the game in real-time. Now that you are aware of the betting markets let’s learn how to bet on League of Legends. 

  • Comprehending the markets: No matter the game, it is very important to understand what you’ll be betting on, and that will give you an insight and provide you with the opportunity to maximise the value of your bet. For example, if you want to bet on a League of Legends game, then you should know how important that game is, i.e. if it just a regular-season game, or is it a Worlds match? These are important questions.
  • Is the market evolving rapidly: This is something that we see in many sports, but it happens a lot faster in Esports as the game developers are constantly fiddling with aspects of the game in order to strike a perfect “balance”. But the act of balancing the game is a never-ending process, so you have to be aware of the changes in the game. Even the meagre changes can drastically affect the way the game is played, or how winners interact.
  • Comparing the odds: Finally, when looking to deposit with a sportsbook to place your first League of Legends bet, it’s worth spending around the various sportsbooks to find which provider has the odds and markets to suit the user. It is advised to keep track of the odds on different sportsbook providers and compare the odds on a regular basis to have a better idea about what’s on offer, and from there you can find the best odds for your stake. Betting strategies are always focused on finding the best value in any bet placed, following these steps, you can learn how to bet on League of Legends game.

You can check the sportsbooks like betway, bet365, and 10bet that provide with the absolute best odds for the esports fans. You can learn how to bet on League of Legends game by regularly analysing the markets, odds, and the changes made to the game. Be regular and thorough with your research, and you can get the hold of betting in the game.




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