Turn the GMAT Table by 180 degree in 180 days

Turn the GMAT Table

In case you are considering giving the GMAT exam in the future, then give yourself some time for preparing for GMAT so that you don’t have to face last-minute troubles or difficulties while understanding the course content. Sometimes considering 2- months and 3-month preparation plans for GMAT can make the students more frustrated and they hardly get any time to breathe as well. So understanding the needs of the students, we have prepared a 6-month for them so that they can get sufficient time to prepare for the test. We have prepared one of the most highly recommended plans as the GMAT is a skill-based test and 6 months is enough time to learn and understand the concepts in a more enhanced way. 

The students appearing for the GMAT exams are suggested not to revise the old concepts again and again; rather they should utilize the time learning new and not-so-familiar concepts and work on the difficult questions. Of course, getting a score above 700 in this test is the dream of every aspirant. Turn the GMAT Table by 180 degree in 180 days-

GMAT is a skill-based test and not a memory-based test

The GMAT is a skill-based test and not a memory-based one, so the candidates preparing for the GMAT exam in a 6-month time have sufficient time to prepare. You can reach your target of scoring good marks in your GMAT exam in case you start taking short steps rightly. To begin with a 6-month plan, you must first prepare your daily plan which should have a proper combination of what you can do and what you should do. 

The plan will not be the same for each individual as the schedule and working lifestyle of each person differs, many are the working professionals who try to manage their studies along with their jobs, while some are the college students who have sufficient time to prepare for the test. Thus you must ensure that your study plan is perfect by considering some of the pointers mentioned below:

The below-mentioned 6 month GMAT study plan will work in the case,

  • Someone who is a working professional and wants to utilize the available time in such a way that it doesn’t result in compromising their work schedule.
  • In case someone is not familiar with the basic concepts and needs to learn the concepts from the beginning.
  • Someone who understands how important it is for him/her to secure good marks in the test and have prepared their admissions calendar in advance aiming to get selected for a B-School.

As per the 6 month GMAT study plan, the students need to spend at least 250 hours for their preparation, which anywhere means spending 150 hours on learning the concepts from the beginning and remaining 100 hours must be spent towards practicing the mock tests and doing previous years sample papers. By doing a consistent revision of all the topics, the students will be able to retain the concepts for a longer period which in turn enhances their proficiency level in the test. Hence the students who are focusing on a 6-months preparation plan must not miss preparing their studies on even a single day as well.

GMAT exam includes 4 main sections namely:

  • Analytical Writing
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

The syllabus of the GMAT exam consists of the basic concepts which you must have studied in your middle school or high school as well. All you need is to spend quality time again so that you can brush up the concepts studied previously. While starting with the preparations, you must keep some of the below-mentioned points in mind:

  • Give sufficient mock exams– By giving more mock tests, the students appearing for the GMAT will have a clear idea about the pattern and style of the questions that are generally asked in the exam. Also, the students will be able to complete the exam within the allotted time by giving more mock tests. Another key advantage which the students will have after giving more mock tests is that they will get to know how much time is needed to be spent on each section so that the exam can be completed within the time limit.
  • Invest in good quality study materials– The candidates must study from reliable sources and prefer the books of renowned authors which include the Official Guide by GMAC who designed the exam. You can study through the book to understand the exact course structure and how the questions are framed in the GMAT test.
  • Focus on difficult concepts as well- Many times, the students focus on the easiest subjects only and don’t pay much attention to the difficult concepts, which is not a good way to prepare for the exams. You must spend a lot of time with difficult concepts as well so that you can lower your stress level and get mentally prepared to attempt the difficult part of the test as well. Prepare a plan to include all the questions in which you are weak, so that next tie, you are attempting those questions, you can easily come to a conclusion.
  • Make sure that you are spending enough time on the topics you are not familiar with and also doing sufficient practice so that all the concepts get cleared. For the verbal section, the students are advised to practice with questions on all of the topics like – Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, and Critical Reasoning.
  • Revise those essays and topics in which you have scored high in previous years’ exam, in case you have given the GMAT exam earlier as well so that you can get a flair idea about how the questions are structured for a particular section.
  • Once you are done with all the preparations, you are advised to review the topics once again which you have studied so far, reconsider the concepts again which looked difficult to you previously so that you regain your confidence level about the same.
  • Be a part of technology and get involved in some online sessions as well where you can interact with candidates who have already attempted the exam. This way you will have a better understanding of the exam and your anxiety and fear will also disappear once you have spoken to them.

Along with preparing for the difficult topics, you must not forget to revise the easier topics as well, missing the starting preparation topics is not the right plan for you. Since the GMAT preparation requires your commitment and dedication, so you study all the topics including the easier and the difficult ones as well so that you can try to get a higher score in the GMAT exam. There are higher chances that you might lose track in such long term plans in case you are not self-dedicated.

Tracking Your Progress is important

The students preparing for the GMAT exam must regularly practice GMAT tests which is considered an important way to monitor your progress. The students must keep on comparing their scores with the original test so that they can see which all the sections in which they have shown improvement? Did you do worse on any section or which sections need more practice? Make adjustments in your goals according to the practice tests, you might do great on sentence corrections one week, but there are chances that your results get negatively impacted the next week. So tracking the performance on a regular basis is also important so that it can remind you to stay focussed on the topics and to know the loopholes as well.

The aspirants that are familiar with the deadlines for application; must allocate dedicated time for the GMAT preparation and plan the entire application calendar accordingly. The candidates must set apart 2 hours every day so that they can make themselves familiar with the basic concepts before starting with the difficult part which includes preparing for the advanced questions as well. Giving mock tests on a regular basis will help you to assess your performances and help you in ensuring whether you are moving on the right track or not. In case you think that your performance on the tests is not up to your expectations, then you must increase your preparation time by a few hours. It is important that all the candidates planning to give the GMAT must give the exam only when they are more confident.



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