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Indian households have a variety of items that are put to daily use in the food we eat and even basic day to day activities. Even Indian ancient traditions and cultural beliefs tend to use basic items like herbal ghee, mustard oil, etc. for activities like lamp burning and massages.

Indian ancient science of Ayurveda is an age-old way to use basic herbs and daily items for healing one’s physical and mental health by basic practices like eating certain items and avoiding others, massages using herbal oils, and basic yoga and meditation techniques.

These herbs, spices, and other items have various ways in which they can benefit our health and can be used in a number of ways in daily life for improving one’s health, skin, hair, or even relieve pain in various parts of the body.


Here is a list of items that are not only known for their nutritional content but also for their multiple other uses that can be beneficial for day to day activities.

  1. GHEE: this is one of the healthiest ingredients in Indian households and herbal ghee has even more benefits than regular ghee. Some women tend to prepare ghee by cooking milk fat for a long time in a big utensil.

Ghee is rich in vitamins and healthy fats that are known to improve heart and brain health. Some basic benefits of ghee include improving eyesight, relieving constipation, improving the immunity system, and providing relief from cough.

Many Indian households also burn traditional lamps or diyas using ghee and it is known to have various spiritual benefits and bring positivity to the place.

  1. TURMERIC: one of the most used spices and a basic ingredient in cooking various food items. Turmeric is also a spice that is known throughout the world for its benefits and uses and is thus exported in large amounts to foreign lands.

Turmeric has also been used in Indian households for medicinal purposes and science is starting to know more about the basic element curcumin found in turmeric. It has high anti-inflammatory properties that help with basic health issues and even serious ones like cancer.

Turmeric helps improve the heart condition, brain functioning may be used to treat and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease and decreases the overall toxic content of the body.

It is also used as an antiseptic and found in various skincare products that help to brighten the skin and lighten the pigmentation due to sun damage.

  1. YOGHURT: high in bacterias that are good for the gut, yogurt is also full of nutrients and necessary proteins for the body. It has a high calcium content that is good for the bones. Other benefits of yogurt include helping in weight loss, building immunity, preventing infections, and improving the digestive system.

Yogurt has also a high content of protein and antioxidants that make it one of the best sources of moisture for the skin as well as the hair. Many women and men use yogurt as the basic ingredient for homemade face and hair masks, combining it with other ingredients for even more benefits.

  1. HONEY: another great source of antioxidants, honey is used in various households as a supplement for sugar or even otherwise. It helps in fighting bacterial and fungal infections, heals wounds, helps in digestive issues, and also to treat a sore throat.

Apart from health benefits, honey is also used in various homemade face and hair masks to treat dry and damaged skin or hair. It soothes burnt skin and even helps fight dandruff.

  1. PEPPER: it has been used in Ayurveda for a long time and even today many people turn to pepper for various uses.

It is known to be high in antioxidants and helps improve immunity, it also benefits the working of the brain, promotes gut health, lowers cholesterol levels, helps maintain blood sugar levels, and even helps with throat problems.

Pepper also has a high content of piperine which is a substance that helps in improving the absorption of nutrients in the blood. For example, curcumin found in turmeric is not absorbed by the body easily and consuming it with pepper increases its absorption by about two thousand times.

  1. GINGER: it is a very common ingredient for many food items and also a spice that is exported in large quantities from India. Some benefits of ginger include relieving menstrual pain, treating nausea, helps in weight loss, lower cholesterol levels, and may also help risks of cancer.


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