How to Sell a Home to Millennials

Home to Millennials

To say that the Beehive State has a large number of millennials is an understatement. The data from the Economic Development Corporation revealed that at least 23% of the people here belong to the group, beating baby boomers and Generation X. It also means Utah is home to most millennials than any other state.

As millennials come here, the demand for homes also increases. Home sellers simply need to look at Zillow numbers. The average home price now is over $350,000. For the last 12 months, it soared by over 5%.

For those planning to move someplace else or let go of their other property, millennials make an attractive market. But they need to make their house easy to sell with these guidelines:

  1. Create Many Possibilities

From workplaces to homes, many millennials want an open floor plan. This setup provides a lot of space and flexibility. Some of them want a seamless transition between the living room and the kitchen. Others put up a small home office in the corner.

Home sellers can also offer possibilities with the furniture that comes with the property. For instance,dining room tables in Salt Lake Cityhave to be modular or slim, so they take up less space. Otherwise, furniture and fixtures are multipurpose.

  1. Spruce Up the Yard

Millennials also desire a big yard not only for themselves but also for their pets. A 2017 study by SunTrust revealed that at least 33% of them kept their pooches in mind when choosing properties.

This group also likes to entertain friends and family. A big yard can mean space for a pool, patio, or deck. A well-manicured or landscaped garden offers both privacy and aesthetics, making the area more inviting.

  1. Upgrade to a Smart and Green Home

This millennial generation is tech-savvy, and it reflects in their house-buying process. For instance, they research the property first before scheduling a visit. They also prefer homes that already come with smart and green technologies.

In a comprehensive survey by Northshore Fireplace,the data showed that 47% would love to have solar panels or some form of stored energy in the home. About 38% wanted smart home systems, such as automatic window blinds or voice-activated entertainment.

  1. Emphasize the Location

Contrary to popular belief, not all young homebuyers love to live in urban areas. However, most don’t want to be far from their basic needs.

In the same Northshore Fireplace survey, an overwhelming 63% choose properties within 25 miles from the city. They are also willing to pay more to live in a better neighborhood.

Those selling their Utah homes need to know two things: (1) how far they are from prominent cities like Salt Lake City and (2) what makes their neighborhood ideal.

  1. Pay Attention to Details

Millennials don’t mind living in older homes, but they also want some semblance of luxury. Data suggests that little touches of elegance matter to them. Home sellers can provide that by:

  • Upgrading vinyl countertops to granite or marble
  • Installing a rain showersystem or double vanity sinks in the bathroom
  • Adding a kitchen aisle
  • Creating an outdoor entertainment area complete with dining room tables from Salt Lake City

Mind you, millennials are prudent. They know their money’s worth, and so they take the time to choose a property. For homeowners to sell fast, they need to make their properties more appealing. These five pointers can help them.​


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