9 Tips to Help Stop Procrastinating on Homework


It’s easy for students to procrastinate, especially when they have too many assignments to handle. This is a too familiar feeling that, if not dealt with, can have far-reaching effects on the performance of a student.

And it’s not that students who procrastinate on their homework are lazy. Not at all. In fact, they want to get their homework done, just like anyone else. However, due to the scope of the work, they get overwhelmed. As such, instead of setting themselves to doing the homework, they push it off.

They find it easier to engage in everything else but not school work. It doesn’t have to be the case, though. Many students go through this, and there are numerous tips to help overcome this problem.

But before that,

Why Do Students Procrastinate?

Does this sound familiar? You put your homework assignment off until when it’s too late. Well, you’re not alone, many students do this.

As earlier stated, this is not an indication that you’re lazy or have no better work ethics. The thing is, most students put their focus on the now instead of thinking long term. Most of them will not do their homework unless it is the only choice they have.

You can also procrastinate due to low self-esteem, lack of motivation, fear of failure, or due to lack of organizational skills. Whichever the case, here are some tips to help avoid procrastination and handle your homework as early as possible:

1.   Find Your Reason for Procrastinating

The first step to fighting procrastination should be to figure out your reason for procrastinating. Yes, by knowing why you’re procrastinating, you can find ways to handle it. For instance, if you’re continually procrastinating due to fear of failure or lack of organizational skills, you should derive ways to overcome this by seeking extra help after classes.

Luckily, you can get answers on homework by connecting with online tutors and tutorials. The help you’ll get here will go a long way in ensuring that you overcome your fears that could otherwise lead to procrastination.

2.   Figure Out How Often You Procrastinate

As part of self-evaluation, consider taking a quiz to determine how much you procrastinate.

Apart from finding how often you procrastinate, find out the type of tasks that you tend to put off more often as well. Also, be sure to find out the magnitude of this problem – is it a small or huge problem for you?

3.   Write Your Goals

You can significantly avoid procrastination by clearly defining your goals and writing them down. Make a list of what needs to be done and keep it in front of you. This way, you can think long term and set your priorities.

4.   Don’t Forget Why You Should Achieve These Goals

Knowing what you need to do isn’t enough. You also need to remind yourself why that particular assignment needs to get done. To that end, you may want to write down the main reasons why it is essential to achieve those goals. Among other things, this will go a long way in helping avoid procrastination.

5.  Break It Down

Some students procrastinate because of the scope of work before them. To that end, you may want to break your assignment into simple, achievable goals. This way, you can work on each part of your assignment without feeling overwhelmed.

6.   Start with the Most Challenging

Handling an assignment is not easy, but when you start with the worst part of the assignment, you’ll feel more accomplished. Knowing that the worst is behind you, you’ll handle the rest of the assignment without fear. This way, you’ll not have any reason to keep putting off your work.

7.   Set a Deadline

Do you find yourself saying things like, “I’ll do my science homework someday” or “I’ll do my English assignment eventually?” then you’ll fall victim to procrastination.

To avoid this, ensure to have a specific date when you should have your homework done. In fact, you should aim to complete your assignment 24/48 hours before the set deadline. After all, something unexpected can happen, which may affect your completion date.

8.   Ask for Help

Sometimes you’ll need to seek help to stop procrastination. You can do this by telling someone you know about your goals and how you plan to achieve them so they can evaluate your progress. You can also seek help with writing from an experienced person.

9.   Work on Your Attitude

Your attitude toward your homework assignment can also make you procrastinate. You, therefore, need to focus on the positive side of your assignment.






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