How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers? The Average Prices Explained

how much does it cost to hire movers

Roughly 40 million people are moving every year, in the U.S. alone. If you’re getting ready to take on a big move yourself, you’re definitely not alone.

It’s no secret that moving is a giant hassle, from packing to transporting and everything in between. Even if you’ve got some friends helping you out, it can still be overwhelming.

If you’re looking to make things easier on yourself this time around, a professional moving service could help you out. But how much does it cost to hire movers?

For many people, the cost is more than worth it. Read on for our guide on how much long-distance and local movers cost.

Why Choose Professional Moving Services?

Moving can be an expensive, stressful and time-consuming task. While it may be tempting to cut costs and do everything yourself, hiring a professional moving service can significantly reduce the hassle.

You may be asking, ” But how much does it cost to hire movers? Will the extra help be worth paying an hourly rate for movers?”

The good news is this: many movers offer custom services, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. For example, you can choose to pack everything yourself and have them do the heavy lifting, or you can go for an all-inclusive package that eliminates the extra work on your part.

Especially if you’re limited on manpower, hiring professional movers can save you a lot of trouble during your moving process. While they do cost extra, you’ll be happy with your investment.

Local Versus Long-Distance Moves

If you’re asking “how much does it cost to hire movers?”, one of the first things to think about it the distance you’ll be moving.

In general, local moves (100 miles or less) are roughly half the cost of long-distance moves (over 100 miles), with additional increases based on the number of possessions you’re taking with you.

The Average Hourly Rate for Movers

Many local movers cost a flat hourly rate based on the size of the your residence. For instance, moving a studio apartment will cost less than a 2-bedroom, and so on.

For longer distances, the cost is typically calculated based on the weight of the items you’re transporting, along with the number of miles you’ll be moving.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Your Area?

Another thing to consider when you’re wondering “how much does it cost to hire movers?” is this: how much do local movers cost in the area you’re looking to move to?

To do this, you’ll have to look up the hourly rate for movers in your chosen destination. If you’re not sure where to look, a quick search online should help you narrow things down.

Some movers will only cover certain areas while others will have a broader range of service locations. For example, you can find movers in North York, Ontario, and other Canadian locations at, where they will have more area-specific pricing to reference.

Don’t Forget a Tip!

On top of the hourly rate for movers, you should also consider tipping them for great service. Generally, 15-20% for local moves and 10-15% for long-distance is a good way to go.

Get Moving!

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful, but hiring some help can seriously lighten the load. Now that you know the answer to “how much does it cost to hire movers?”, get ready to get moving!

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