What to Consider When Buying the Best Sulfur Water Filters 2020

Sulfur Water Filters

When you pour a glass of H2O from the tap and hold it up into the air, at eye sight it might look clean and clear. Chances are that this isn’t the case. When water is unfiltered it can contain a massive amount of impurities that can be harmful and dangerous to our family’s health.  Many tests have proven that impurities found in unfiltered water can be causes of severe medical conditions including cancer. 

Because treatment plants use outdated filtration systems that use chemicals to remove toxins from liquids, we need to update our own home filtration systems in 2020.  

Read the following article for more information on filtrating your own H2O at home and why it’s necessary: https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/12/31/ask-well-should-you-filter-your-water/

If you are considering installing a purifying and sulfur filtrating system then there are a few things you need to consider.


Hydrogen sulfide (commonly known as sulfur) is naturally found in ground water. Its chemical compound is that of a gas H2S. It typically has a rotten smell associated with foul eggs or sewage. In certain wells it can be produced by bacteria. 

The gas is formed during the break down of organic particles. When trees, plants, and leaves start to decompose it creates a gas that is dissolved and then goes into ground water. 

Another way in which sulfur lands in our plumbing systems is when the well system is either near a coal mining area or an oil field. 


A filtering system that is designed to remove sulfur from H2O uses a technique in which it exposes it to oxygen. Once hydrogen sulfide is exposed to O2, it miraculously changes into more compound sulfur particles. These particles can be removed from water with a simple filtration system. 

Common sulfur water filters use an oxidizing agent, usually hydrogen peroxide. Once the oxidation process is finished, an easy carbon filtration system is used to remove sulfur residue. 

As an effect, water is left clean of the odor and safe to drink. 

Systems like the AquaOx sulfur water filters, are great choices when looking around for a quality purifying system for your home. 



There are two different types of filtration methods available to consider:

Manganese Dioxide: 

This mineral compound known as pyrolusite is used to remove hydrogen sulfide from water systems. Using an oxidizing process that converts gas to small particles that can later be filtered through different techniques. 

It’s a common technique used as it creates highly purified H2O as an end result. It also oxidizes iron found in tap water. That is why many filtration systems are marketed as being able to remove both hydrogen sulfide and iron from H2O. 

Activated Carbon:

For water that has very low levels of hydrogen sulfide, an activated carbon system is adequate. The small amount of gas is trapped and absorbed in the carbon’s pores, removing it completely from the watering system. 

For high levels of sulfur, you need a manganese dioxide filtration system, but for levels around 1ppm an activated carbon filtration system is adequate. 

Click here to learn more about how these systems work. 


When you purchase something as important as a filtration system, then you have to make sure that you purchase it from a credible source. There are loads of filtration units available on the market, but it is important that you track down the right supplier. 

Many credible and high-quality manufacturers have invested a lot of time and money in developing groundbreaking filtration systems. Especially, when local authorities are slipping when it comes to constructing decent treatment facilities. 

It’s up to developers, scientists, and chemical engineers to find better purifying solutions that we can install in our homes. 


Consider exactly what is wrong with the H2O in your home. Depending on the content, you will need a filter that can remove the harmful substance using the right technique. 

Consult an experienced professional to help you pinpoint which type you have to install. You can also use a home testing kit to analyze the problem and then act accordingly. 

Our health is extremely important; investing in a quality filter will keep us safe. 


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