5 Questions You Must Ask an Electrician Before Hiring Them

ask an electrician

Did you know that some electricians train almost as long as doctors? Electrical work is incredibly technical and dangerous, and extensive training is required to work in the field.

Needing electrical work done in your home can cause some stress because of how serious of a problem it can become. However, knowing exactly what questions to ask an electrician beforehand can ease the process. Continue reading to see our suggestions on the questions to ask an electrician before hiring them.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Making sure you hire a licensed electrician should be your number one priority! This will make sure that the work done in your home will comply with all city and state codes.

The two types of licensed electricians include the master electrician or the journeyman. A journeyman works on installing wiring, failed breakers, and completing service work. The master electrician goes through intensive training to work in project management, adhere to building codes, and supervise apprentices and journeymen.

Asking whether your electrician is insured is another crucial question to keep in mind when hiring an electrician. This type of work carries a lot of risks and liabilities, and the right electrician should have safeguards in place.

Will This Electrical Work Require a Permit?

Small jobs will usually not need permission and inspection from the city or state. More elaborate jobs like a rewiring of an entire home will, and asking this question before hiring an electrician is very important. The electrician will almost always take care of the permit process, but make sure to ask first.

Do You Have Any References From Previous Work?

Another important question to ask the electrician is for references from other jobs they’ve completed. Requesting references will give you a clear view of their working relationship with other customers.

Give these references a call and ask about the type of work completed on their homes, as well as how happy they were with the service and work completed. Even asking to see a current job-in-progress could be a good option to see the quality of the work this electrician produces.

Does This Job Come With a Service Guarantee?

Good electrician questions to ask are whether an electrician’s work on your home comes with a guarantee or whether or not the fixtures purchased for your home come with any type of warranty. It is important to have this information on any contract you sign in case any problems arise in the future.

Will My Electricity Need to Be Shut Off?

For safety reasons, electricity to sections of your home might be shut off while the work is being completed. Make sure to ask your electrician the specifics of the job being done on your home so that you know ahead of time.

Ask an Electrician to Ease the Hiring Process

These are our top five questions to ask an electrician before hiring them. Contact a licensed electrician for any electrical work you may need and rest assured you’ll get the best service!

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