All You Need To Know About The Use Of A NannyCam


Do you know what’s happening in your home when you’re away? Hiring a nanny to take care of your children when you can’t be home gives you more comfort than if you’d have to place your children in childcare. You and your children feel more comfortable with your children staying at home, but there are still some concerns to keep in mind.

A nannycam is an essential accessory to have in your home if your children are watched over in your home while you’re at work or away for other reasons.

Is your children’s nanny taking care of your children properly? Is the nanny doing what he or she says? What actually takes place during the day while you’re away and your children are left with the nanny?

These are a few questions that you’ll never know the answer to unless you install a nannycam in your home. Still unsure if a nannycam is right for you? Continue reading below to learn what is a nannycam and how to use a nannycam!

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Benefits of a NannyCam

A nannycam is a sure way to know what’s going on in your home when you can’t physically be there to see it for yourself. As you walk out the door and head to work, does your mind constantly worry about leaving your children behind? Are your children being taken well care of by the nanny?

A nannycam is a camera that you install in your home that connects to your mobile device. After installing the camera, you can then log into your account on your mobile device and view the camera from anywhere! This camera can be hidden or in plain sight depending on your personal preferences.

Installing this device will benefit you in several ways. Here’s what you need to know.


Most childcare centers and daycare centers have cameras installed in their facilities. This gives parents an opportunity to either view their child while at the center or request to view a tape for any reason. Your home should be no exception. (online pharmacy no rx)

These cameras give you a sense of security. You know that your children are in a safe environment and that your home is safe as well. Even when your children aren’t left at the home with a nanny, you can use these cameras to keep an eye on your home as a security feature.

The most important aspect of the cameras, however, is knowing that your children are in good hands with the nanny while you’re away.

Feeling Present

It’s hard to leave our children behind as we head to work for the day. If you’re able to log into your account and view them through the nannycam, then you’re able to feel more present. It’s almost as if you’re there with them, looking over them, throughout the entire day.

There might even be some important milestones that your children reach when you’re not there to witness it. This can be devastating for some parents. With the help of the nannycam, you’ll have recordings of your children each day that you’re not there.

If they walk for the first time, but you’re not there to see it, you can view it on the recordings.

Peace of Mind

You took your time interviewing several different nannies that applied for the job. You ensured the nanny you chose had the experience, a clear background check, and the personality to be a great caregiver. The process was long but worth it.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you’re completely in the clear. A person can seem like the right nanny for the job in an interview, but what they do and how they act when you’re away is the real test. The unknown of what’s happening while you’re away can cause anxiety.

Having the ability to watch your children and the nanny while you’re away can ease this anxiety and give you peace of mind.

The Legality of It

When using a nanny cam, there are some legal requirements that you should know about. If you install nannycams in your home, you can’t install them in private rooms or areas. These rooms include the bathrooms, changing rooms, and rooms of the live-in-nanny.

Different states also have different rules about nannycams. It’s essential that you look up the laws regarding nannycams in your specific state. It’s best to let your nanny know that there are cameras in your home.

Being honest with them about the nannycams gives them the opportunity to decline the job if desired. Audio recordings are another important aspect to look into. Again, different states have different laws regarding audio recordings, so be sure to do your research first.

As long as you’re upfront about the cameras from the beginning, you’ll have more peace of mind about the situation. If a nanny refuses the job because of the nannycams, then he or she might not have been the best person for the job. A good nanny shouldn’t mind being on camera as many daycare facilities use cameras as well.

Is a NannyCam Right For You?

When placing a nannycam inside your home, you can choose to either have the nannycam hidden or not. You can also choose to record audio or not. Look into your state’s laws regarding the use of a nannycam to be sure you do everything legally.

Once you install your nannycam, you’ll then have a better sense of security, peace of mind, and connection.

We hope you now know if a nannycam is right for you.

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