Fun Things to do in Miami With a Yacht Rental

waterfront restaurants miami beach

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches, nightlife, and other social gatherings. Cruising in a luxury yacht is becoming more and more popular. If you are interested in trying something new for your next vacation, renting a yacht to travel along Miami Beach is a fantastic way to make memories and enjoy your time away from the office. Unforgettable adventures, delicious food, and luxury services can make you feel like a celebrity. Here are some ideas to make your next oceanside experience even better.

Understand Proper Yacht Etiquette

Before you set out on the water, you should probably know a few things about tropical boat yacht etiquette. First, treat the rental well since it will be your home for a short time. Next, follow the crew’s orders and listen and obey safety procedures. Most luxury yachts allow smoking, but only on exterior levels. To be respectful to those from whom you’re renting the yacht, please don’t smoke in the rooms.

Luxury yachts don’t stay luxurious without proper care. It’s a good idea to go barefoot while onboard, so be consciences of taking off your shoes. This helps protect the boat’s carpet and deck, as well as you from slipping.

Try Some Local Restaurants

If you aren’t used to the rolling waves, sometimes it’s a good idea to schedule a few stopping points throughout your cruise. Trying different waterfront restaurants along your route is a fun way to regain your footing and steady your shaky sea legs. There are several famous waterfront restaurants miami beach that offer fine dining and a wide selection of meal options. You can choose anything from Greek Tzatziki and seafood to Brazilian steak and American cuisine. Since there are many dining options available, here are the top five recommended stops by local guides.

  • Seaspice has 550 feet of dockage that allows you to enjoy fine dining and amazing ocean views. It is the favorite among many locals, and yacht captains get frequent requests to stop at this restaurant that offers pasta, wood-fired casseroles, and other rare seafood dishes.
  • Kiki on the River is along Miami river and offers convenient docking spots as well as easy access to happy hour. This is the place to enjoy your fix of Greek cuisine mixed with fun seafood options such as tuna, salmon, and snapper.
  • Zuma is a modern waterfront restaurant that offers grilled Japanese cuisine and is another popular site for tourists.
  • Casablanca Seafood Bar & Grill is a more casual stop and offers yacht charters free docking space when dining. The seafood is upscale and continues to attract seafood lovers from all over.
  • Texas de Brazil is a Brazilian steakhouse with an authentic rodizio style menu. Patio dining is available during happy hours and on weekends.

Explore the Sealife

Often when people think about renting a boat, they imagine high-speed water sports, but taking time to slow down and explore the ocean is a fun way to mix things up. There are many stopping points along Miami Beach for swimming and snorkeling. According to Travel Triangle, some of the most recommended snorkeling sites include:

  • Biscayne National Park
  • Dry Tortugas National Park
  • West Palm Beach
  • Devil’s Den Spring

Sandbar Socials or Quiet Seclusion

Since there are sandbars all along the bay, there is always an excellent opportunity to join other yachters for a party. Enjoy the sun, swim, or wade. Sometimes it’s even a good idea to add a few kayaks to your yacht. Drop the anchor and take a few friends on a trip around the boat. It can be entertaining to be active in the sun. If lots of people aren’t your thing, then find a secluded spot to chill out and soak up the sun. Dock your yacht in a quiet private place. You can sunbathe or enjoy ocean views while meditating or listening to music.

Your next yacht cruise can be a vacation of a lifetime. Just make sure you follow proper procedures and etiquette while on your trip. Waterfront restaurants are fantastic ways to switch things up and enjoy local cuisine and dining. Enjoy the water by kayaking, swimming or snorkeling. Then, when you’re tired from all the activity, take some time to sunbathe or drop the anchor in a secluded area. Following these tips will ensure your trip is one you’ll never forget.


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