Eight tips to make your terrace the sweetest corner


If you have a busy life of active professionalism, you may have often felt the need for a happy place or to quote a great writer, ‘a room of one’s own.’ A place is necessary where you can feel relaxed, without any worry or tension. Some people go to a club or pub. Some prefer trying out new restaurants. A good platter is their key to happiness. But, what if you are a quiet person? What if you like solitude? What if you do not want to go to any faraway place to relax? In that case, a well-decorated terrace is your answer to every question. Have your terrace decorated and ta-da, you have a happy space!

Now, there are several ways to decorate a terrace space. However, the decoration should be appropriate for a terrace. You can make your happy place a wonderful aesthetic area which people would admire. But you have to take care of a few things to make the decoration suitable for an open area. So here are some tips that can be useful for your terrace decoration.

Make it cosy:

The first and foremost rule of decorating a terrace is to keep it small, cute and cosy. Well. Cosy does not only mean small. A terrace space must be small but it has to be comfortable as well. The furniture should be minimal. Remember, this is not a drawing-room. So a set of sofa would not be very suitable for here. You can install two or three benches according to the size of the area and position them in a fashion to get a nice setting for a friendly chat. A small table can be put between the benches. And a rug underneath is a perfect finish.


Again, this is not a room. And do not make it one. Free space is hard to get within the boundaries of urban life. If you want a happy space of your own, make it as free as possible. So avoid curtaining it. Avoid partitioning it with high walls. Only a shade is enough. There is no need for covering it otherwise. You are not going to install air conditioning. So why should we congest it with unnecessary boundaries? Keep the sides open. Let the wind flow. Your mind will fly too. In case of heavy rain or scorching sunlight, you can install temporary curtains or fabricated cardboard to cover it.

Weather proofs:   

As it is not a room, you have to make the place weatherproof. The place, the floor, the pieces of furniture should be weather resistant. You must keep in mind that the furniture of your happy space will be exposed to harsh weather elements like sunlight, wind, and rain. In tropical countries like India maintaining a terrace, the corner is more difficult. You may not use wooden furniture. Even if you do so, make sure, they are painted with oil-based color. A good color coat will prevent the process of weathering for a long period.

Vibrancy is the key:

The colors are gorgeous. A splash of color can instantly alleviate your mood. So your terrace corner should be a ceremony of colors. You can paint the wall with vibrant colors like orange, maple red, sea green, turquoise blue, burgundy maroon or lemon yellow. Have your bench sets colored white so that the contrast is good. Throw in some printed or striped cushions on the benches. For flooring, you can opt for the printed or fabricated vitrified floor tiles. They are not only strong (which is perfect for an outside floor), but also add to the vibrancy of the place.

Smart furniture:

You cannot stack the place with a lot of furniture. That will destroy the open aura of the place. So you have to select the furniture of the area with extra carefulness. First, you need a good sitting area, which we have already suggested above. Secondly, you have to arrange for a storage space, where you can keep your magazines, table mats, and some required things. A place for wet umbrellas and raincoats should be there at some corner as people would like to come to the place by walking through the open terrace.


A terrace corner does not need a very large storage space as you are not living here. You can make small storage for a few necessary things out there. You need good storage for your cushions and mattress that you use on your benches. Good storage space of your terrace corner should be up on the wall so that it is not disturbed with raindrops or wind. If you think cleverly, you can use a piece of furniture in multiple ways. For example, an old trunk can be used as storage and as a coffee table.

Life forms:

A life form can add to the happiness quotient of the place. A tiny place like your terrace corner can be very lively if you can arrange for a fishbowl or a water body with two or three fishes. A well-groomed creeper of money-plant would be a very good choice to have at the terrace.

Vintage you:

Finally, the place has to be ‘your place’. The essence of a happy place is that it has to be a mentally soothing and relaxing place for you. So after doing the external apparent decorations, you may make the place a home for your soul. For instance, if you love rock music, have a good poster of your favorite band up on the wall (that is not disturbed by rain or sunlight) and a music system that plays your favorite songs when you are feeling blue.

Now, having a good place to chill out, you can enjoy an evening of solitude with your dear novels. A good group of friends can be invited to show off this little darling space of your own. If you want to enjoy rain sitting in the parlor, you can just hang a plastic transparent curtain as a temporary arrangement.

So enjoy your terrace space like never before.


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