Optimizing Your Video Content Creation Process

Optimizing Your Video Content

The value of video marketing is immense and that is why more and more businesses are turning to it as a new way of advertising their businesses. At the center of it is a content marketing strategy that should touch all facets of your advertising mediums. To get better results out of your video marketing efforts, you should optimize your content creation process. How do you do it? Below, we look at how. 

Keywords Matter

A lot of people understand the need for the use of keywords in SEO but they do not realize that keywords can also be used in videos. The strategic use of keywords is important if you would like people to find your videos. You should start by doing a simple search of the topic you want to talk about. You can earth a lot of keywords this way.

If you do not want to go through this hassle, you can use SEO tools to generate the keywords you need. Try to find keywords that are searched a lot and use them in your video’s title, description, file name and on any social media platforms where you post your video.

Even though video platforms can allow up to 1000 words for video descriptions, remember that you are not writing an article and keep it short. Try to use the keywords you unearthed at or near the start of your video title and description.

Categorize Your Videos

Always tag and categorize your videos. When you do, they will be grouped together with similar videos thereby increasing the chances of being viewed. Also, categorized videos are much more likely to be recommended to people who view similar content. Always ask yourself:

  • What categories work best for your video?
  • Who are the top creators in your niche?
  • What categories do they place their videos in?
  • Can you create a brand on the platform you post on?

Always Add Captions

Successful video marketers know the value of captions. Captions highlight the keywords used in your videos and can, therefore, help your videos appear in searches where these keywords are looked up. 

The one thing about adding captions is that they can be time-consuming. Although there are tools that can help with this, some video production companies Boston can do it when producing your video.

YouTube and other video hosting platforms can generate the captions for you, but they are usually not accurate. To make things easier, you can use voice typing. Just start the voice typing software when recording your video. While this is better than typing the captions, there will still be some misspellings and inaccuracies. If you use a script in your videos and follow it, you can also upload it as the caption for the video. 

Captions also help your video reach those who are hearing impaired. This can open up new opportunities and a new type of audience.


Optimizing your video content creation process can lead to higher views and better engagement. Do not forget to add keywords, use captions and most of all tag and categorize your videos so people can find them easily.


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