The Right Way to buy Works of Art

Works of Art

Beginning art collections for décor or fine art investments are both huge steps. Before you even think of it, you should consider when, how and where to purchase them. So, first of all you should do all the homework on the style and type of artist you are targeting. Also know the difference between primary and secondary market. Primary market means that the art piece hasn’t been sold before while secondary market means it has been sold before. So, when you plan to buy original artworks, these are some of things you should keep in mind:

Explore the artist

Usually artists with a back story generate more interest amongst art lovers. Hence, you should research a bit about the age, education and life of the artist. You can find a lot of details about the artists at the online gallery where the works are showcased. 

Explore the artwork

Before buying a piece, you should first question its authenticity. If the artist is alive, then proving it is not difficult. Then, you can ask questions related to it and get all your queries satisfied. Also, discuss the price of it and know why it has been specifically priced at it. 

Know the dealer

Whenever you buy an original artwork, it is important to consider the repute of the source too. Hence, you should evaluate the art store too. Research the repute and reliability of the store by looking out for reviews and testimonials on online forums and other websites.

Where should you buy original art from?

In several cases, people often question where you buy art? Is a small dealer good for you or should you browse the gallery to pick the best one? The answer lies on your goals and it could make a huge difference in price.


An auction is a good place to buy an artwork. If you are a collector or investor, then you would like to weigh the price of the piece you are investing in. You can look out for places of auction online and then purchase art at an auction. 


In comparison to an auction, a gallery is a good place to evaluate and calmly decide on your buy. While some galleries have artwork of primary market while others have art pieces from secondary market. It depends on your preference of what kind of gallery you want to go. 

Art fairs

A fair is a great place to re-live your love for art. It has something for everyone; irrespective of you are a novice or professional. You can just speak to art lovers, ask questions, compare rates and assess. So, you just need to find out about art local fair events and reach there.


Apart from going to physical places, you can also check out online galleries and collect artwork online. It is an amazing experience to buy original artworks online. It wipes out the excess charges of galleries and auction houses. There are plethora of great websites which give you genuine artwork from good artists such as Saatchi Art, Etsy and Benarto.


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