How to Make Your Kitchen Look Nice: 10 Top Kitchen Design Tips

kitchen design tips

Have you always wanted a kitchen like the ones you see on TV shows? Looking at them, it feels like something you could only afford if you were a celebrity but that isn’t true. All it takes are a few updates to have a lavish kitchen.

You’d be surprised at what an interesting pattern or a coat of paint can do for your space. These aren’t the only kitchen design tips that we have for you.

If you’re ready to start your kitchen project, grab your paintbrushes and follow us. Let’s get started with updating the hardware on those outdated cabinets and go from there.

1. Update the Hardware

Even if the handles and other hardware on your kitchen furniture looked good when you moved in, after a while, it starts to become worn and dingy. Head down to the store and grab a new set of handles and pulls.

Updating these will bring life to your furniture and get you compliments on your “new cabinets” even though it’s the same ones.

2. Use Light Colors

Using white tiles and paint in your kitchen creates a classic, clean look. White and other light colors like it also reflect light in a way that will make your small space look much larger.

The reflection of light doesn’t stop at making your kitchen look bigger. It’ll also hide scratches and other imperfections on your appliances.

3. Sneak in a Focal Wall

The only problem with having a completely white kitchen is that it can come across as a little boring and sterile. You can combat this by adding in some kind of focal wall.

Add in a section of patterned tile over your stove or paint an entire wall a separate color from the rest. A bright orange wall paired with a set of white cabinets can add some fun to the room.

4. Replace Your Old Cabinet Doors

You’ve been in your place for so long that the cabinet doors aren’t only worn. They’re almost falling off the hinges. Go ahead and replace them to breathe new life into the kitchen.

As long as your cabinet doors aren’t falling off, you may be able to make them look brand new with a simple refurbishing job. You should also consider taking the doors off. Open shelving can help you show off your fancier china.

5. Lighting

The right lighting can alter the mood of a space. Give your kitchen a little personality with your fixture choices. Chandeliers and pendants can make your kitchen look a bit ritzy even if you didn’t spend a lot on them.

If you’ve got open or glass shelves and have nice china or knickknacks that you want to bring attention to, you can put lights in your cabinets.

6. Make a Statement with Artwork

If you’re living in a rented house or an apartment you won’t be able to paint a focal wall or add in patterned tile. Well, you could but you might lose your security deposit.

Your landlord shouldn’t have any qualms with you putting a nice piece of artwork in your kitchen though. Artwork will create a fun focal wall and make your small apartment kitchen look much larger.

7. Paint Your Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are sleek and make your kitchen look luxurious. The problem is that not everyone can afford a stainless steel Kitchenaid refrigerator. The solution is to paint.

You can paint your fridge and stove stainless steel and replicate that expensive look. When you’re done painting your appliances, go at your counters with colored paint. You can create an interesting look by painting your countertops and counters in two different colors, for example.

8. Change Your Countertops

So far everything we’ve covered has been pretty budget-friendly. If you have any money wiggle room for your kitchen updates use it to replace your countertops. Believe it or not, when someone walks into your kitchen the thing that they’re going to notice first is your counters.

Nothing will impress your guests quite like granite countertops. Especially if you keep them clean and well maintained.

9. Hide Your Small Appliances

You’ve only got so much counter space to work with. Having all your small appliances out can make your space look cluttered even if you have a big kitchen.

Your air fryer, pizza maker, rice maker, and toaster don’t all have to be out when you’re not using them. Keep them under the counters until you need them. Your countertops will look less cluttered and you’ll have more space to prepare meals.

10. Bring in a Taste of the Unexpected

It’s okay to be a little different and creative. Bring pieces into your kitchen that while are functional, are something that nobody would ever think about using.

For example, a refurbished dresser from a yard sale can make a great kitchen island with plenty of storage space.

Kitchen Design Tips for a Beautiful Space

Do you want a kitchen that can impress even the pickiest of guests? You don’t have to be a millionaire in order to accomplish this goal. You can make a huge impact by doing a bunch of small updates to your kitchen.

You’d be surprised at what replacing the handles on your cabinets or painting a wall can do. Try out all the kitchen design tips on this list and create the kitchen of your dreams.

Your kitchen isn’t the only space in your home that can be fixed up with little updates. Check out our blog daily for even more home improvement tips.


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