States With the Most Homework Nationwide

States Homework Nationwide

Homework is one of the most annoying things about school, according to many individuals. Sure, nobody likes doing homework, but it’s pretty much necessary if you’re going to go to school in general. Plus, homework tends to get more demanding as you move further in school. If you’re not interested in doing very much homework, you might want to consider avoiding these states. This analysis of which states have the most homework will help you learn a bit more about what states tend to lean heaviest on take-home work.
Elementary and Middle School
Most elementary and middle school students don’t need a lot of homework every day. After all, these students tend to be learning less-difficult concepts than students in higher grades. However, they may still do a pretty significant amount of homework.

The states on the lowest end of the spectrum only assign around half an hour of homework every night. These, on the other hand, are the states on the highest end. 

  • California: 56 minutes
  • Maine: 55.7 minutes
  • Louisiana: 54 minutes
  • New Mexico: 54 minutes
  • Washington: 53.1 minutes

High School

High schoolers tend to get a substantial amount of homework every day. In fact, the national high school homework average rests at 78 minutes every weekday, which is just over an hour per day.

Still, that average means there needs to be a low end and a high end. The low end of high school homework tends to be around 60 minutes, which is exactly double the low end of elementary and middle school. However, these states showcase the high end of high school homework amounts. 

  • Vermont: 110 minutes
  • Maine: 107.2 minutes
  • West Virginia: 102 minutes
  • Louisiana: 102 minutes
  • Connecticut: 93 minutes 


Most college students spend less time in class. Whereas high schoolers tend to spend full days in class, with homework given on top of it, college students often spend less time actually in class. That tends to come out as more homework overall.

Still, even though colleges tend to have more homework on average, that means there are some colleges with lower levels of homework and some with higher. Going to college in these states will likely lead to more college homework in your day-to-day life. 

  • Idaho: 141.3 minutes
  • Oregon: 140 minutes
  • Nebraska: 135 minutes
  • Wisconsin: 135 minutes
  • Kentucky: 134.3 minutes

The Best Way to Improve Your Grades Might Not Be Homework
On the whole, parents and teachers want students to succeed. That’s typically the rationale behind homework: with more homework, it’s more likely that students will achieve higher grades, right?
Not necessarily. When you look at the actual data, this correlation doesn’t seem to come into play. States with more homework on average don’t seem to have higher GPAs or SAT scores. That means doing more homework probably isn’t going to be the best way to get a great score on the SATs.

Instead, look into homework options that are tested and proven. Tutoring leads around 24% of students to improve by at least one letter grade, and online resources like OneClass, Course Heroes, Studocu, result in more than 90% of users improving. These can be a great way to improve your academic prowess and therefore your future possibilities.


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