Things to know before you go on an African safari

African safari

Africa is known for its stunning landscapes and wildlife that people from across the globe visit to experience at least once in their lives. If you are also interested in African Horse Safaris, then there are various factors that you need to consider before you reach the chosen country.

Vaccines, visas, and insurance

The first aspect to be taken care of is the necessary shots that are required before you embark on your African safari. The typical and common shot that you have to take is for yellow fever and hepatitis A and B, along with typhoid. Depending on the location of the visit, there may be more to take. It is advisable to check with your physician about the shots ahead of time. Some shots take a few weeks to work, which makes it imperative to plan ahead of time. 

Countries like Kenya and Tanzania require visas to enter; you should prepare for the visas at least two months before the travel date to ensure all paperwork is in order. It will avoid trouble at a later stage. It is advisable that you get travel insurance while traveling to Africa as there are never any guarantees, and it will come to your rescue if you face issues with the travel or the trip. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and the safari tour will be one of those instances. Therefore, get insurance for peace of mind.

What to carry?

It is important to pack for tropical weather with high SPF sunscreen for skin protection. Also, carry polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh sun and a hat to cover and protect your head from the intense heat. 

Packing comfortable and loose clothing that can be layered is ideal for comfort; it is also prudent to get colors that will blend into the surroundings as a camouflage. The evenings can be chilly, therefore carry warmer clothes for temperature drops. 

It is crucial that you carry a good camera, memory cards, power backup, and also binoculars as often, it may get difficult to view animals from a distance. 

The ideal safari

There is a multitude of options when it comes to choosing the best safari for yourself and your family. The most important factors that will decide many of the aspects of these trips are the budget you have created for the trip, what you are interested to see during the safari, and whether the activities that you are interested in are available in the country you have shortlisted for the safari. 

The types of accommodation and the modes of transport are also things that should be planned ahead of time. For instance, different species, and migratory birds and animals should be decided so that you can choose the right locations for it as well as the time of their migration. 


There are many countries to visit in Africa, and depending on the answers to the first set of questions, you can decide which country to visit. The most popular countries that are popular for their wildlife tourism are Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, and Namibia. These are the most visited destinations for their exceptional and stunning wildlife tourism, an experience that will be hard to forget.

Depending on where you have decided to visit, you will also want to know what you are going to see, the types of wildlife that are prevalent in the area, and different types of species and their habitats. Ensure you choose the right season to visit so that you enjoy maximum views while staying comfortable during the safari.  

Transportation and accommodation

It is prudent to set all the right pickups and drops that are required for the right points. Accommodation is another factor that you will have to decide as many luxury safari accommodation options are popular with tourists. There are also rustic and simple places to book if luxury tents and campsites are not as appealing to you. 

Transportation is another factor that you must think about ahead of time. You can opt for guided safari tours, which are often conducted for a group. In case you are seeking a more private and adventurous tour, it is possible to take a horse, a canoe, or a mokoro along with a guide to enjoy a unique safari. It will allow you to go deeper into the bush and savannah to experience the wildlife around you.

Africa is simply stunning and unforgettable and planning months ahead of time will ensure that you have the most well-planned and exciting vacation of your life.



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