7 Common Shingle Types You Need to Know: A Roofing Guide

shingle types

The roofing business is a $31.4 billion industry and for good reason. Your home can’t survive without a properly installed roof.

So when you realize a new one is needed you should carefully consider your options to stay in your budget and ensure the roof will last.Keyrenter Premier in Mesa says one of the major factors that affect price and longevity are the various shingle types available.

Read on to discover all of your shingle options for your next roof.

1. Asphalt

When you ask, “what are roof shingles made of?” You usually get the answer of asphalt. That is because it is the cheapest and easiest to install type of roof.

You won’t have trouble finding a roofer who is knowledgable about the three asphalt shingle designs: 3-tab, architectural, and hip and ridge. These three style options plus a range of colors are your options when choosing asphalt.

2. Metal

When it comes to shingle costs, metal roofs might be the most expensive, hardest to install, and costly if damaged. They are, however, very durable, attractive, and long-lasting.

The cheapest metal roof is a sheet that comes in several panel shapes. Or choose a metal shingle that replicates the look of a tile. The most effective metal design is a standing seam panel that doesn’t expose the fasteners, making it stronger.

3. Slate

Slate roof tile types are both natural and attractive. They also last the longest, in some cases up to 150 years.

While it will save you on your heating and air conditioner bill, it is one of the most expensive and difficult to install roofs. Plus, if a shingle breaks you will have trouble replacing it with the same slate as before.

4. Wood

You can use a roofing cost calculator to see that a wooden roof is the next best thing to asphalt. Another benefit is that they are very eco-friendly and easy to repair.

Maintenance is required to remove moss, but when properly cleaned occasionally, a wooden roof will last for several decades.

5. Tile

Tiles come in several durable materials like ceramic, polymer-sand, bituminous, concrete, and metal. The prices of roofing shingles in tile form can be expensive depending on the material, plus installation is time-consuming.

These are the most visually pleasing type of shingles since they create a 3-dimensional art piece on your home.

6. Rubber

This type of roof tiles mimic the look of an asphalt roof but require less maintenance and can be cost-effective if you choose a cheaper rubber option.

Rubber can also save you are your heating and cooling bills while protecting your home from fires and heat damage.

7. Grass

The most unconventional type of roof isn’t for everyone, but it’s becoming more popular as an eco-friendly option.

If you live in an area prone to heavy rainfall then a grass or green roof will thrive. Otherwise, you need to maintain it like a garden.

Plants and grass on your roof naturally cool your home and create a soundproof barrier.

Choosing the Best Shingle Types for Your Home

Deciding on what shingle types should you use on your next roof will depend on your budget, climate, and maintenance ability. You also will need to find a professional roofer who specializes in your shingle choice.

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