Top 5 Places To Visit in the US

Top Places To Visit in the US

The US is such a big country in terms of tourist attractions that it is difficult to contour the list to just 5 top destinations. However, the ones we have picked are the ones people suggest everyone visit at least once in a lifetime. Some of them are ones you must visit before you die. If you are traveling to the USA for the first time, make sure you are well informed about the different destinations you have plans to visit. Take help from Google, watch a few YouTube tutorials to have some perspective on the outcome of your trip. Continue reading till the end to know about these iconic places:

  1. New York City

New York City is the home to American icons like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and The Empire State Building. These icons are eye candy for people who visit the US for the first time. New York City is also known as America’s most popular city because it houses many renowned celebrities. If you’re a workaholic person, don’t miss out on the High Line street and an old railroad that has now been transitioned into a beautifully themed park. You can also go shopping on Fifth Avenue and check out Washington Square in the meantime.

  1. Chicago

Chicago is often cited as the second biggest city in terms of size and population. Although Chicago is ranked number three in terms of population, it has several iconic hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls. You can easily compare different clubs here with LA and NYC. Secondly, if you’re visiting close to the basketball season, don’t miss the Cubs game close to Wrigley Field. Secondly, if you’re a big fan of architecture, Chicago has it all and you can visit different iconic infrastructures in the city.

  1. Las Vegas

Most people visit Vegas in the pursuit of enjoying casinos, but there is much more to it. Las Vegas is home to blockbuster shows, classy hotels, top-notch restaurants and world-class shopping malls. You can take a tour of the MGM grand in the evening to try your luck. You can also visit the Neon Museum and Las Vegas shows late at night. Keep in mind, Las Vegas is an expensive city just like other American cities, so you better bring some extra dollars when coming here.

  1. Los Angeles

The culture of Hollywood, mild breezes from the Pacific Ocean and exquisite hotels, all put together make Los Angeles nothing less than heaven. Los Angeles is often number one on the list of most popular tourist destinations around the world. However, unlike other American cities, visit Los Angeles requires some extra paperwork so don’t forget to visit to confirm your eligibility for visiting the city without any restrictions.

  1. Washington

Washington is the capital of the US and a city rich in museums and monuments. This is enough reason for the city being flocked by thousands of schools and college students visiting it every year. This city is the perfect place to learn about the history of the US and other economic monuments it has. Apart from the historical sites, you will also get an opportunity to stroll through the beautiful parks of the country. The famous cherry blossoms are ripe in early March and April. 


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