Organic Cotton Clothes – Why it’s Worth Buying

Organic Cotton Clothes

The word “organic” is a popular term that has reached almost every market possible from the food items to furniture and clothing. Organic products are considered to be of high quality and environmentally friendly. When it comes to clothing, organic cotton is a popular material, widely used by manufacturing companies and clothing brands. But why it is worth buying?

What is it?

Organic cotton is cotton that produced in an eco-friendly way without harming the environment and using chemicals and toxins. It is widely used not only to produce clothing but also footwear, homeware products like towels, bathrobes, bedding and personal care items. It is also extremely popular for baby products like clothing, toys and diapers.

The Quality and Comfort

Organic cotton is known to be well absorbent which will make your colourful clothes more vibrant. Also, the majority of organic cotton is completely handpicked which helps to preserve the length and strength of the fiber. This makes organic cotton clothing more durable and stronger fabric.

Organic cotton has been known for its comfort levels as the surface of the fabric has not been broken down by the chemical dyes. It is also considered to be softer than regular cotton, therefore it is perfect for activewear and everyday clothing. For example, multi-national companies like Nike and H&M are already using a lot of organic cotton in their clothing. Also, this material is perfect for those who suffer from allergies and skin irritations.

The Price

Organic cotton is usually a bit more expensive than regular cotton. The reason the price is higher is that to dye organic cotton, natural dyes must be used to maintain its organic status. However, slightly more expensive piece of clothing will definitely not break the bank and will give you more benefits than regular cotton clothing item like higher quality and chemical-free piece of clothing that will not cause irritations or allergies.


Organic cotton has not been genetically modified and is grown without the use of any chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. This may help with reducing air pollution, reduce greenhouse emissions and decrease soil contamination. It is stated that organic cotton has the lowest environmental impact and is 46% less harmful to global warming. It is also stated that organic cotton can reduce the demand for energy by 62%. Therefore, organic cotton is a great sustainable fabric that has a lot of positive impact on the environment.
Overall, organic cotton is a great fabric for household items, personal care items and clothing. It is considered to be more comfortable and softer than regular cotton clothing which is great for everyday leisure clothing. It is also higher in quality due to the fabric not being dyed with chemicals. Organic cotton is a great sustainable material that is being grown chemical and pesticide-free. Lastly, organic cotton clothing will not cause rashes and irritations for people with sensitive skin. It is worth investing in a good quality piece of clothing that will help to improve your quality life and help the environment.


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