Best Social Media Tips for Travel Influencers

Best Social Media Tips for Travel Influencers

By Parveen Kaur

If you’re a travel junkie with a growing pool of followers on your Instagram or Facebook page, you will find this article useful. As a travel influencer, you want to share your experiences with your audience in the most authentic way possible. This includes being able to capture original photos of the places you’ve visited, being resourceful in coming up with novel ideas on what to do at a particular country or showing your followers the world through simple yet engaging captions. Social media is the best playground for travel influencers as they not only use it to produce content for their followers but also turn the platform into their own travel diary – a love they are willing to share with the public!

There are several social media myths travelling around that may overkill your strategy. It is essential that you work based on what you want to offer to your audience and find authentic ways to do it. Here are some social media tips travel influencers can make use of to enhance their online presence and interest a larger group of audience – there’s always something amazing to talk about travel.

Share Unique Experiences

As I’ve mentioned, it is important for travel influencers to appear genuine on social media so that they can attract an authentic group of followers who find meaning in your posts. You need to share unique experiences about the places you’re travelling to. In doing so, you should avoid using generic descriptions about the towns and cities you’ve visited. What makes travel influencers unique is their ability to be in full control of the type of content they publish on social media. Make use of this and stand out from all the travel websites that write about similar travel destinations. Explore beyond landmarks and tourist destinations – they’ve been done to death! 

Try going in-depth and tap on the details – you can talk about the unique activities of a certain cultural group or the unconventional lifestyle of people at the place you’ve visited.

Attention-Grabbing Pictures 

Social Media Services is the best visual platform for travel influencers who want their followers to engage with their content. Explore a variety of shots to tell a captivating story to your followers. The more unique you are, the higher chance your followers will interact with your post – be it through a like, comment or a share. Even better, if you are able to produce quality photographs, you might also be picked up by travel blogs who publish articles on photo-worthy destinations around the world!

Be Consistent

If you’re serious about being part of the growing community of travel influencers on social media, you must be consistent. After all, if you are a travel junkie, you’d already be planning your next trip upon returning from one. As such, there will always be content for you to share. However, if you are unable to travel for a while, repurpose your older content, dig out photos you’ve not published before and worked on #throwback posts. You will need a targeted content marketing strategy that is genuine and easy to follow.

Brand Yourself

A right travel influencer needs to brand. Branding makes you unique in the market. Be creative when crafting a name for yourself on social media. At the same time, you must protect your brand name and this requires effort (see point above). Apart from that, your social media account can carry a personality that is unique to you – from the way you take your photos and write your captions to the type of watermark you use!


While Google does not take social signals into consideration when ranking websites, a good social media strategy can still allow people to find your brand online. By continuously publishing high-quality shareable and optimised content, continuously engaging your audience and taking part in active conversations, more people will recognise your work and react to your content. When you’ve made your mark, there will be backlink opportunities where travel agencies or websites include your social media posts as part of their content marketing strategy because of your quality and authentic content.

Be Genuine 

Above all else, you must remain genuine when sharing your stories and experiences with your followers. By being honest and genuine, your audience will be able to build a long-lasting connection with your content.


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