8 Hotel Safety Tips: Are Your Things Safe From Sticky Fingers?

hotel safety tips

Any property can be broken into at any time. This is true no matter how secure the building is and regardless of where it’s located.

However, leaving a hotel room unattended is perhaps a bigger source of anxiety for many. Not only can hotel rooms get broken into, but dishonest hotel staff might illegally enter your room at any minute with the intent to steal. Even if an employee enters legally to clean the room, it’s always a possibility that they’ll take what’s not theirs.

So, how do you keep your belongings safe from thieves? The following tips can help you out.

Don’t pack your most valuable items.

Not surprisingly, the more valuable the items you bring, the more likely they’re going to get stolen. Expensive technological devices, name-brand clothing, fancy jewellery, and the like are some of the top items that get stolen across the United States.

Put a lock on your suitcase.

Even if you go the extra mile to keep our hotel room protected, someone can always enter, but they can’t snoop through your stuff if they can’t get into your suitcase to begin with. That said, considering getting a lock for your suitcase.

Place expensive items in the room’s safe, if applicable.

Does your hotel room have a safe? Place money, credit cards, your laptop, and other special belongings here to keep it safe and sound. Out of sight, out of mind.

Keep expensive items on you at all times.

If you must pack valuable, pricey items, never leave them in your hotel room unattended. When you do plan to step out of the room for a while, wear or keep the valuable item(s) on you. Layer on expensive clothing items always wears the jewellery you brought with you and keep technological devices in your pocket or bag.

Be mindful of where you leave your items.

When staying in a hotel, many guests like having a maid clean their room at least once during their stay. If you’re that type of person, the best thing you can do is keep your items out of sight. For example, stick your laptop underneath the bed or place your wallet on the corner of a high shelf in the closet.

Hide items within unusual objects to delude a potential burglar.

Apart from finding a good hiding spot, you can always hide your precious belongings within other objects. Hiding your passport inside a Bible or your engagement ring inside a clean, wrapped feminine napkin are examples of that. Get clever. Just don’t forget where you stashed your stuff! (Type it in your phone, so you can remember.)

Before leaving the room, put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.

The best way to keep potentially sticky-handed maids from legally entering your room is placing the do not disturb sign on the outside of your door. Your room won’t get cleaned, but maids won’t be tempted to steal from you either.

Always leave the hotel room’s lights and television on, even when you’re not present.

If you don’t have another person to stay in your hotel room while you go out, the next best thing is to imply to others that someone is, in fact, in your room. You can do that by leaving the television and lights on. You can even play YouTube videos on repeat, so it sounds like people are chatting in your room.

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It’s scary to think that nowhere you leave your belongings is safe from sticky paws. But when staying at a hotel, you’re going to be a little more cautious of your possessions than if you were to leave them at home. Fortunately, the latter eight tips can help you significantly boost your shot at keeping your stuff away from burglars while travelling.


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