Unconventional essay writing tips that your teachers will not tell you

essay writing tips

Essay writing can actually be a fun process once gotten the hang of. Students usually despise writing essays and papers because they feel like it takes a lot of their time, and requires a lot of effort. This is true only when you leave the essay writing for the last day. But if you start at least a week before the essay is due, you will realize that it is not a time-consuming process at all. There are some things that you can do if you want to go above and beyond with the task, and we guarantee you will get that A, and also the recognition of your teacher. 

1. The introduction should not be the first thing you write

Contrary to popular opinion, the introduction should be the second thing you write and we will tell you why. After doing the research for the essay, you will have a bulk of information to write the body, and you can simply begin writing it without thinking too much, as opposed to the introduction that needs to be the hook of the essay. The introduction is also supposed to be a summary of the rest of the essay, so you will have a much better idea about writing the body. 

2. Focusing on answering how questions

People have the incorrect approach of answering the “what” questions of the essay, instead of focusing on “how” questions. This is also what will allow you to reach the word count too in case you get stuck somewhere. If you are experiencing some serious writer block, you can use write my paper for cheap services, that will do your job in a cost-efficient way. 

3. Use Wikipedia for other things

Wikipedia can be a very useful resource if used correctly. Whatever the topic of your essay is, if you scroll down, you will see that there are many citations used that can be traced back to the original author which you should use in your essay instead of the Wikipedia source. You can also use Wikipedia to inform yourself of the topic you are writing about because it gives you a summary of the topic. 

4. Use the information that stirs you

As you are doing the research, you will come across a lot of information that will surprise you. This is the kind of content that you should incorporate in your essay, and pack it with exciting information. This will not only make the essay writing an enjoyable process but also intrigue the reader to read more and make it a fun read for them. The things that surprise you can also be used in the introduction as the opening line because it is highly probable that the reader does not know about the fact either. 

After incorporating some of these tips, you are definitely going to produce an effective essay that will earn you the grade you want.


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