5 Best Fashion and Grooming Apps for Men

Fashion and Grooming Apps for Men

We live in a modern, technologically advanced world where we only need to download and use an app to make our lives easier. Almost everything you have to know, learn, and do nowadays can be accessed and facilitated through an app. Do you want to operate a drone, check the weather, or learn a guitar? There is an app that can help you. 

Even for your daily grooming and style, you can find a lot of apps to enhance your swag and make you look fine and dandy. So, without further ado, here are five of the best fashion and grooming apps for men. Read on below. 

Cool Guy

Cooly Guy is an app that serves as your shopping assistant and style planner. It helps you pick the best clothes in your wardrobe that you can wear for the day. You only need to upload photos of everything in your closet, from casual tees and jeans to dress shoes and formal suits. Then, Cool Guy will teach you how to style your OOTD to turn the heads of everyone. 

This app also assists you while shopping for your get-up. It helps you get updated with the latest trends in men’s clothing. Whether it be streetwear, classic style clothing, beachwear, evening wear, Cool Guy got it all for you! You can download this app through Google Play and Apple Store. 

The Hunt

The Hunt, as its name suggests, helps you track down an outfit you see on the street or TV. You simply need to snap a picture of the clothing and upload it through the app. Then, the helpful community of The Hunt will provide you the name of the outfit and the stores where you can buy it. 

You can also have a poll asking the community if they prefer a particular outfit or not. Or you can ask them to help you pick which is the best among two clothing (Lacoste or Ralph Lauren, for instance). Aside from asking The Hunt community, you can also give answers to other people’s queries. 

The Hunt also provides you with news and blog articles concerning fashion and lifestyle. This app can be downloaded through your Android and iOS devices. 


Beards never get out of style, especially if you know how to wear it. Part of the sex appeal of Jason Momoa and Jared Leto are their precious beards. So, if you want to grow a beard, you should know what style of beard that looks best on your face. Beautify can help you with that. 

Beautify is an app that takes your beard game to the next level. It provides you with beard ideas that will surely wow the opposite sex. It also tells you if a particular beard style looks good on your face or not. You just have to upload a picture of yourself and see if a beard style suits your facial features. 

Mod Man

Have no idea what pieces of clothing in your wardrobe are the perfect match? Then, it’s time to download Mod Man. This app offers a convenient way to build your outfit of the day and organize your wardrobe. 

Just take photos of your preferred clothing items, put them side-by-side in a collage, and then see for yourself the results of the matching. If there’s something you need to add to the outfit, you can also purchase from brands, such as ASOS and Boohoo, using the app. Mod Man is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. 

How to Tie a Tie

Are you a guy who often ruin a formal photo op by wearing an awful tie? Have you ever been late for an important event because you don’t know how to do your tie correctly? Well, don’t be a lousy tie guy anymore. Download How to Tie a Tie app and sharpen your knowledge on the tie game!

How to Tie a Tie provides animated demonstrations that teach you various ways of tying your tie. The instructions are conveyed in a way that even beginners will easily understand them. This app is a big help for those people who often meet tie-related problems and incidents like the ones mentioned above. You can download this app through your Android and iOS devices.


Fashion and grooming are very important to many men. It’s a way to boost your confidence and make you look presentable not only to girls but also to other people. That’s why you should keep your fashion and grooming apps handy for that purpose. Take note of the apps mentioned on this list to take your fashion and grooming to the next level. 



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