Things that can go wrong on a road trip


For a traveler soul, it is hard to spend a few months without exploring a new place. A person who loves to travel is always willing to take any risk to reach a new location. They will never yield to the human emotion of fear and apprehension and shun their inquisitive nature about nature.

If you are one of these kinds, you might also have a daring temperament when it comes to traveling. However, it is better to be aware of the possible risks and chances of interruption before you set foot on the road.

In a foreign land, a small problem can be the reason behind a potential risk. So, you better be prepared to combat every little trouble. We have a list of things that can go wrong on a road trip. Let’s have a look:

You can hit the wrong route:

It is one of the typical troubles that a traveling group faces. If you are traveling in a group or alone, you must know the right way to your destination. While moving to some central place, especially some hill stations or some forest area, it becomes a tad hard to go along the right route. Because of many diversions of roads, you can be confused about the route. Sometimes, there is no literal road. All you have got is the tire marks of the previous cars, and you have to follow that to reach the destination.

In jungle or forest areas, there can be some driving signs and instructions which can help you go through the leafy domain. So, once you hit the road, you must know or understand all the driving protocols of the specific country or state. Anyway, keep a device that features a GPS. It can be helpful in case of an emergency. Check with the passer-by people or car or local shops to see whether you are an incorrect route or not.

No nearby restaurant:

During a road trip to some central place, you cannot find many restaurants on your road. The distance between the two locations can be more than two hundred kilometers, which might take seven to eight hours minimum, eliminating any chance of breakdown. It would be best if you did not have an empty stomach while you are driving. And during a road trip, you may have to go along an interstate highway, and you may have to cross borders between states, you may have some time restrictions for crossing a particular area.

Among all these, you cannot afford to stop for a lavish meal in a restaurant. And the fact there may not be many restaurants is also remarkable. The best thing you can do is to carry some dry food with you. Since you have your car, there is no space problem. You can take a meal or food for the entire day. This way, you can eat whenever you feel convenient wherever you feel perfect.

Blocked road:

On a road trip, you should always consider a blockage of the way. The route can be prevented by snow. It can be a water lodging problem. Insensitive areas, a road, can be temporarily blocked by the military force. Some broken roads can be closed for work. You might never know it until you get to the place. So always have a second plan ready. Check the weather report before you hit the road. Insensitive areas, contact local police station for any news beforehand. If you hear any possibility of a roadblock of any kind, prepare an alternative plan for the day. Otherwise, the day can be ruined. And you may not want to lose a precious day out of your five-day road trip.

Vehicle breakdown:

On a road trip, your best friend is your vehicle. Your vehicle, be it a car or a two-wheeler, can take you to the destination. It is your car or bike which serves the most during your trip. However, it can be a sad day if your vehicle leaves your side and breaks down. There are multiple reasons for the breakdown of a vehicle. In snowy areas, your car can get jammed with ice. In a warm area, under scorching heat, your car engine can get hot and may need cooling. In that situation, you have to take a while to give your car the necessary rest. Therefore, you should start driving in the morning earlier than required.

Let’s say, and you know you will reach your next destination in six hours. But it would be best if you started nine hours before you want to reach there, keeping an entire hour for emergencies. Moreover, there can be a tire puncture situation. In that case, you can make use of a spare wheel. Your car can be bereft of fuel. And in remote areas, in the mountain, there is no provision for a refill. So, before you set out on a daring adventure, do not miss to check the fuel level of your car. If possible, learn about public transport services around the place.

Health Hazard:

Among other hitches that you may face during a road trip, the most important is any probable health hazard. You or your companion can get seek. Stay awake to any irregularities concerning your health. And take necessary medicine along with you.

You can stick in the road and could not get to any shelter before night. Yes! It is a frequent problem on a road trip. So, you better be prepared for a night stay in your car. If you are traveling on a bike, you should carry a tent and other necessary articles to spend a night under the skies.

Final words:

Now, a lot of problems can tear you down during the road trip. But if you are a real explorer, you own the journey no matter what happens in your way. Just remember, this trip is one of its kinds. No obstruction can sabotage the joy of exploring new places. So, you have to smile away all your silly problems. Following the motto ‘we live but once,’ you should always make the most of any situation. So, drive away!


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