Planning Your First PPC Campaign: Here’s What You Need To Know!

Planning Your First PPC Campaign: Here’s What You Need To Know!

“Gaining website traffic by simply buying ads on the different search engines” – that’s what PPC is all about! While the theory behind the paid marketing is quite simple, there’s a lot of the initial work that goes into making a successful PPC campaign.

Well, PPC agency is a way of directing more traffic to your website by using the relevant keywords that are related to your services. It’s the source of generating paid traffic, in which the advertiser will pay some amount to the publisher, every time the ads get clicked. It’s one of the most effective strategies applied in the marketing campaign.

If this is your first time for  launching a PPC campaign, dive in the article and know how you can start your campaign off on the right foot:

Goal setting:

It’s very important to set a specific objective before planning your first ppc campaign, as it will help you drive your campaign effectively. So identify your objective and focus on it while planning your campaign strategy. Whether it’s the brand awareness, lead generation, or it’s about increasing your website traffic and sales, plan for each objective and then plan your ad strategy.

Ask yourself what is your B2B or B2C? Is your client’s tech savvy or your audience using more mobile devices to look for your products and services? The more you will know your goals and strategies, the more powerful your ad campaign will be.

Choose a platform:

For putting up your PPC ad campaign, the platforms are endless. You can pick Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other social media channel like Facebook. Choose wisely your campaign platform and then plan your strategy. You can start from the Google Adwords, as it’s one of the most popular advertising platforms with a huge audience.

However, there are many other options as well, if you are looking for inexpensive and less competitive options. You should also compare the cost-per-click on the keywords before selecting the channel.

Planning Your First PPC Campaign: Here’s What You Need To Know!


Once you are done setting your campaign goals and selecting the right platform to display your ad, the next step is targeting your most relevant audience. Targeting can be done in two ways viz. geotargeting and device targeting.

  • Geo-targeting: Geotargeting is more location specific and is limited to the locations that you choose be it country, city, air or any particular location. With the geographic targeting, you can focus your ad campaign on the locations where you’ll find your customers. This will also help you increase your ROI and can also help you optimize the campaign. So, look for the countries, states, areas or regions where you think your campaign will perform well.
  • Device targetting: Since people today are more on more mobile browsing than the web, device targeting will help you reach to the customers on any device. With this targeting, you can customize ads for various platforms and operating systems. This will also help you reach to the customers who are using different operating systems.

Creating a keyword list:

The keywords will help in triggering the ads that show in the search engine results. Start listing the keywords that you think will target audience and your services. Think of yourself searching for the same services and then list keywords. also, consider the synonyms and other variations of the same keyword, for example ‘dress’ can also be searched by ‘dresses’ or ‘best dresses.’

Creating Adgroups:

When you start creating your paid campaign, you will have to create ad groups and campaigns. These are the folder and subfolders to keep your ads and keywords. You can start your paid search campaign with a single campaign or a single ad group.

So, those were some tips to help you create an effective ad campaign. Follow them and create a successful PPC campaign.


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