The benefits of switching to cruelty-free makeup brands

cruelty-free makeup brands

You have probably come across many makeup brands that advertise about themselves as cruelty-free makeup brands and wonder what they are actually talking about. Well, cruelty free beauty brands make products that are not tested on animals nor have any animalistic element. In most cases, buying cruelty-free makeup products might seem like the perfect ethical thing to do, but it is high time you know the kind of dirty treacherous stuff you’ll be avoiding when you do so.

What do you think are the benefits that will come through we all switch to promoting cruelty-free beauty products? Well, here are some of the benefits that will emanate from this kind act:

  • Consumers will be safe

The one thing that many manufacturing companies shield from consumers is the manufacturing process that their products undergo. No one will tell you about all the numerous failed tests and the exact number of animals that got killed before the product made it to human consumers. Well, the explanation for this is straightforward. If the toxins managed to kill the animals, then it is no secret that soon, the effects will pass to you. It is high time that we protect each other by shying away from such harmful products? Who doesn’t want to see their neighbor healthy and sound-making significant life progress?

  • Kindness for animals

Do you know why they choose to do the cruelty tests on animals? That is because animals have a life too, and they feel the pain. Unlike human beings, animals have deep emotional attachments, and it can be painful when that bond gets destroyed completely before someone could experience it. Pets like dogs have helped millions of people around the globe overcome stress in many instances. Therefore, we should strive to keep as many animals as possible alive because many people still need them. Moreover, killing is an ungodly act that should stop, especially if it’s for selfish monetary gains. 

  • Healthier planet

The planet survives on the transfer of organic energy from one organism to another. When we get rid of all toxic, makeup, and beauty products, the atmosphere will only be left with clean organic energy to pass to organisms. A fresh cycle of nuclear energy ensures a healthier and greener planet!

  • Support for legitimate businesses

Promoting cruelty brands is not only illegal but a devilish action that has no basis in most religious books. Well, if you don’t believe in religion, then you also know that putting innocent animals on the line to test on products that don’t even concern them is inhuman. When everyone switches to cruelty-free makeup and other beauty products, we shall for sure sabotage the cruel beauty industry. In that case, you’ll be promoting local legitimate businesses within your area. Legitimate cruelty-free brands are often small with minimum resources to advertise themselves like their counterparts do. A company that affords to do laboratory tests on animals can penetrate the market in all means. It is time that we all unite and get this undeserving competition out of the market!


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