Fashion Essentials Every Cosmopolitan Woman Should Own

Fashion Essentials Every Cosmopolitan Woman

Cosmopolitan women know how to think outside the fashionista box. Jewelry for women isn’t just about rings and bracelets anymore. Watches are back in fashion in a big way. And knowing how to mix and match them with other pieces of jewelry is key to elevating your style and showing off your chic. So here’s our handy little guide on the fashion essentials every cosmo girl must have, how to wear them so you always look good, and what to look for when shopping.

Elegant Watches for Ladies: The New Must-Have

Jewelry for women has changed a lot over the years. The newest old thing that’s in again? Elegant watches. Take any outfit, add a watch, and everything changes for the better. How? Because elegant women’s watches are an accessory all their own. The right color and style can bump any outfit from casual to elegant, or blah to wow. Combine that watch with the right jewelry, and you’ve just gone from wow to whammy.

Jewelry for Women: Cost vs Quality

It used to be a fact that if you wanted a quality piece of jewelry for women, you had to pay a lot of money. Not anymore. Filippo Loreti changed all that. Their high quality, elegant watches for ladies have all the style and flair of a designer brand without the cost. They strive for affordable and beautiful things.

Every Filippo Loreti watch is…

  • Water-resistant. Raindrops and showers won’t hurt these water resistant watches. Wear them without worry.
  • Handcrafted. Designed and crafted by real watchmakers who know what they’re doing. 
  • Small batches. Filippo Loreti doesn’t make them until you buy them. That means the quality stays high and the costs stay low.

With Filippo Loreti, you don’t have to choose between quality and value, you get both.

Women’s Elegant Watches: How to Choose

When you’ve got an entire online store of beautiful, quality jewelry for women, it’s hard to pick out just one thing. Filippo Loreti makes it easy. Their elegant watches for ladies are affordable enough that you can pick out your favorite watch and then take a look at the rest of their jewelry collection.

To make things even easier, figure out what looks better with your skin tone—gold or silver. Warm-toned skin looks better with gold, while cool tones look better with silver. An easy way to tell? Just hold up some gold or silver jewelry next to your cheek. Which catches your eye and which makes you want to look away?

Once you know if you want gold or silver, scan through Filippo Loreti’s easy-to-navigate jewelry collections and pick out a few pieces that will look beautiful together.

Mixing and Matching Filippo Loreti Jewelry for Women

Filippo Loreti has hundreds of pieces of jewelry for women: elegant watches, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Stick to a few golden rules and you can easily mix and match them all for amazing cosmopolitan looks.


1. Gold goes with gold. If gold’s your thing, you’re in luck. Filippo Loreti’s Marble Gold Mesh Watch pairs amazingly well with their gold bracelets. Grab the Ynes or Kira bracelets from their Cosmopolitan collection and start layering your wrist. The gold pulls them all together.


2. Combine metals. The contrast between gold and silver elevates any outfit. Filippo Loret’s Asea Rose Dark Pearl watch is one of the most elegant ladies watches you’ll find, combining gold and silver in one great style. Add in a silver Aida necklace, and go from day to evening in a flash.

3. Leather bands. Sometimes leather is better. The Venice Rose Gold Automatic watch comes with a simple but beautiful leather band in 3 color choices. Want to jazz things up? Filippo Loreti’s Portia necklace ties to the gold from the watch for an amazing look.

4. Funky goes with funky. The Frida Black Orchid watch is a little fun, a little funky. The black band and gold orchid pair well with the equally funky but elegant Leah drop necklace. Wear them to work or for a night out with the girls.

5. Silver brightens things up. Filippo Loretti’s Emmeline watch has a silver setting against a blue backdrop. Combine it with their silver Evelyn necklace and understated but beautiful Gina hoop earrings, and you’ve got a set of jewelry made to wow.

6. Rose gold is timeless. Rose gold looks good with almost anything, on almost anyone. The Venice Rose Gold Automatic Mesh watch is flawless. It draws attention whenever you wear it. Paired with Filippo Loreti’s Diana necklace, and you’re ready for a night out.



Stylish, Fashionable, Elegant: It’s All in Your Jewelry

Every cosmopolitan woman knows that a good outfit isn’t just in the clothes, it’s in the accessories. Jazz things up with some Filippo Loreti jewelry for women and one of their elegant watches for ladies, and you’re ready for wherever the day or night takes you.


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